Welcome to DMC Healthcare

We’re proud of the 4 decades we have dedicated to supporting the NHS. Today we work in partnership with CCGs and Trusts to make sure our patients have the best possible outcomes, whether it’s provided in a GP surgery, a Consultant’s community clinic or a mobile unit. Away from frontline services we support NHS Trusts with a number of services including remote Radiology reporting and outpatient backlog management.

Consultant-led Community Clinics

We provide a range of Consultant-led, community based, clinics throughout a number of NHS CCG areas. These clinics offer our CCG partners additional capacity and cut-down on costly secondary care referrals. They also offer significant benefits to NHS patients, including reduced travel and waiting times, and the single-visit see & treat services.

Specialist Services

DMC Healthcare offers its NHS CCG and Acute Trust partners a wide-range of specialist Consultant-led services within a primary care setting. We provide the highest standards of care, while offering patients local, convenient, consultations that reduce travel and waiting times, and offer single-visit see & treat services. Our Consultants and clinicians work within the following specialisms:

Dermatology Urology
Opthalmology ENT
Rheumatology MSK & Physiotheraphy Helpline
Minor Surgery Radiology Reporting
Gynaecology Orthopaedics
Neurology Outpatient Backlog Management
Close-to-home care

Our innovative range of community based Consultant-led clinics offer NHS patients a fast and effective see & treat service in a range of specialisms including Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Urology. Clinics are held in a local community setting, offering patients easy-to-reach Consultant care and reducing costly secondary referrals for NHS CCGs.

Outpatient Backlogs

Whether it’s through our network of outpatient clinics, offering Consultant-level care in a close-to-home environment, or our secure Consultant-led remote Radiology reporting services, we’re here to support the NHS during peak periods. Time and again our backlog reduction services have helped CCGs and Acute Trusts to remain within their KPI limits whilst providing the highest quality of care to patients.

See & Treat Service

Thanks to our team of highly experienced Consultants we’re able to provide a single-visit see & treat service, enabling same-day treatment for a wide-range of issues – including an array of minor surgeries. We’re able to achieve these results through simple pathways and by offering patients informed consent for minor surgical procedures.

Extended Opening Hours

At DMC Healthcare we realise that NHS patients live demanding and busy lives, further we see it as our duty as service providers to offer appointments that accommodate modern living. For this reason we offer extended opening hours throughout our network of GP surgeries, Consultant-led clinics and pharmacies.

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Community Outpatients

DMC Healthcare’s Consultant-led, community based outpatient clinics offer close-to-home care and reduced secondary care referrals.

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Radiology Reporting

DMC Imaging offers NHS Radiology departments supplementary Radiological capacity on a wide-range of modalities.

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Primary Care Pharmacists

As innovative care providers DMC Healthcare are leading in the training and implementation of Primary Care Pharmacists in GP surgeries.

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