“DMC Healthcare began its journey in 1967 when our father, Dr Gupta Senior, joined a small GP practice treating 3,000 patients in South London. Since then we have been a trusted partner working with the NHS for over 40 years. Today we deliver care to over 100,000 NHS patients each year. Our innovative pathways are backed by high-quality services, focused on implementing and delivering healthcare services on time, meeting local and national performance KPIs and providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by individual CCGs. One of our recent innovations has been to develop various roles for Clinical Pharmacists within GP practices. The continual assessment and redesign of our clinical pathways, based on local NHS demand, has allowed us to broaden our focus by expanding our Primary services to include walk-in centres and a Mobile Health Unit. We have also opened a number of Consultant-led specialist community clinics and launched a Radiology reporting service staffed exclusively by NHS-trained Radiological Consultants.”

Dr Ravi Gupta

Managing Director, Clinical, DMC Healthcare