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“DMC Healthcare were exceptionally hands-on during mobilisation; they attended meetings and presented to our General Practitioners; building relationships before the project had even started. DMC are meeting all national requirements set by BAD and NICE, and hitting all of our local KPIs … we’re really happy with DMC’s performance. We’re seeing shorter waiting times; we’re seeing improved patient experiences; we’re seeing the Consultant-led service that we wanted to commission being delivered.”

Ms Stevie Attree

Commissioning Officer at Castle Point & Rochford CCG


“In my clinics I see a lot of conditions that would otherwise have to be seen in secondary care. The way we operate is easier for the patient and cheaper for the CCG. If we didn’t provide community dermatology clinics the pressure on hospitals would be even greater…With one consultation from us the patient can be treated in an effective manner, often the same day, saving on wasted prescriptions and the time taken off work by the patient living with the skin condition. It all adds up.”

Dr Tony Downs BSc, MBBS, FRCP

Lead Dermatology Consultant at DMC Healthcare

“We rely on solid team work, thorough evaluation of every clinic and qualitative patient feedback to ensure we provide the most efficient and effective levels of care for both patients and our commissioning partners.”

Dr Beryl De Souza BSc, MPhil, MBBS, FRCS

Lead Plastic Surgeon at DMC Healthcare

“I [am] able to sit with patients, have a face-to-face consultation with them and sort out their medications to help improve their care … Pharmacists are extremely skilled clinicians that have great knowledge around medications. They’re able to … help GPs and nurses with day-to-day medicine related issues … [largely] medication reviews and [the] monitoring of long term conditions such as diabetes … high blood pressure and high cholesterol.”

Ravi Sharma

Senior Primary Care Pharmacist, speaking to the BBC on the 'hidden army' of highly trained Pharmacists

“Our Primary Care Pharmacists have definitely decreased our workload, especially when it comes to chronic disease management.”

Dr Sathiya Prabhakaran

GP benefitting from DMC Healthcare’s innovative PCPs


“I was a little surprised that I had surgery straightaway but after my visit I felt reassured by the expert advice I was given – it’s an exceptional service.”


Same day treatment patient at DMC Healthcare Minor Surgery Outpatients Clinic

“Because I’ve been going for a while the nurse knows me by name – which makes a real difference. If I ever have an issue with a booking I just call DMC, the girls there have all my details and can book me in at a time to suit me – it’s all quite easy.”


Long-term patient at DMC Healthcare Dermatology Community Outpatients Clinic

“Great service! All the staff were very polite and friendly. I’m really happy because it looks like my acne is totally cured. I would definitely recommend DMC to people”.


Patient at DMC Healthcare Dermatology Outpatients Clinic

“We have seen on different occasions both the Prescribing Pharmacist and the Nurse Practitioner. The experience has been excellent on each occasion … A really positive alternative to seeing a GP and freeing GPs to deal with more complicated problems”.


Patient at DMC Canterbury Street, Gillingham