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MSK Service

The DMC MSK service is a specialist service run by experienced Extended Scope Physiotherapy clinicians to ensure that people with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems- problems with muscles, bones and joints. The service aims to ensure that MSK patients receive the correct treatment at the correct time.

The service is run by highly trained, skilled Clinical Specialists in Physiotherapy, who offer exceptional levels of experience in MSK issues. The Clinical Specialists have experience with working alongside, Rheumatology, Orthopaedic and Pain consultants, therefore offering specialist insight of local services to enable the use of the correct treatment pathway.

MSK Contract and Clinic Locations

The service can offer electronic clinical triage, phone triage and face to face assessments to best determine patient management.
Clinical electronic triage, enables appropriate pathways to be utilised ensuring that MSK patients are seen by the correct clinician at the correct time, helping to take pressure off of secondary care services. The triage service can reduce inappropriate referrals to secondary care by nearly 50% (audit data). Our Clinical electronic triage services run a 48 hour working time between the referral being made to DMC and the referral being sent to the correct service.

The use of telephone triage enables clinicians to formulate a clearer picture of the patient’s condition and offer verbal and pictorial advice or exercise to enable the patient the manage their condition. DMC offer telephone triage appointments on a weekly basis and currently offer a two week wait for this service.
Face to face management can include injection therapy, exercise therapy and manual assessments to offer patients a rapid see and treat service which gives them the ability to be seen quickly, with the best care and correct support to manage their MSK condition. Our wait times for this service is currently 5 weeks.