The DMC ‘DOME System’ is our replicable, scalable process for onboarding new primary care practices. DOME maps both the physical site refreshing that may be necessary along with digitising the service and providing staff with the tools to maintain the changes. In doing so it guarantees we can reproduce a DMC standard practice anywhere.

DOME stands for:

  • Deploy/Detail – Planning phase
  • On-board – Action! – clear out, branding and collateral, engage Patient Participation Group.
  • Maintain – delegate maintenance to management and staff at practice e.g. digital training
  • Expand – Publicise new practice in community but also in broader healthcare community

DOME also serves as an aspiration or ideal for Primary Care. Domes are usually modern looking structures that hint of the future. We want people getting care from DMC to get the same sense from our service – that we are a part of the future of sustainable care in the UK.

Contractors: our ‘DOME Squad’ are the go-to local contractors in the areas in which we are deploying. This might include painters, printers, local furnishing shops or community groups.

The collateral menu we have created includes wall displays celebrating our staff and the local community, ‘Pick Me Up’ cards that give patients good holistic health advice on the go, and distinctive signage so patients know they are in the right place.

  • Collateral
  • Site branding
  • Digital Presence
  • Community Engagement