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Our Clinical Leaders

With DMC Healthcare, our endoscopy service is operated by a highly competent and progressive endoscopy team, with regular oversight from our world class consultant, Dr John Devlin, with teh support of Sister Leigh Rose, who are always on call to support and adapt your pressures. They have developed a failsafe patient pathway that is benificial for both the Trust and the patient.

    Why Choose Us

    • Comprehensive Patient Pathway

      We have successfully minimised the DNA rate to less than 5% through a series of process refinements which include text messaging, phone calls and other communication.

    • Patient Safety

      We employ JAG accredited medical consultants, many are involved in bowel cancer screening and operate at very high JAG value metrics.

    • Clinical Expertise

      Our clinical lead is Dr John Devlin, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist at Kings College Hospital, who is dedicated to quality, governance, education and continual improvement.

    • Cancer Care

      Our team work closely with the local cancer network multidisciplinary team with a dedicated coordinator liaising with the clinical nurse specialists.

    • Governance & Bespoke Reporting

      We have a defined governance structure that enables regular assessment against areas such as activity, risk, audit and regulatory compliance. We provide monthly quality and governance reports to the organisations we serve.

    • Reduced Repeat Endoscopy Tests

      We can provide evidence that our high quality procedures reduce the need for repeat tests and encourage patient compliance with screening and surveillance programmes.

    Quality Metrics - September 2021

    DMC Healthcare are proud to deliver endoscopy insourcing services that provide the highest quality of care for our patients. The following clinical audit represents DMC results in comparison to the national standards. We also asked our patients if they would recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. Here are some of the results.

    Adenoma detection rate (national benchmark 15%) 32%
    Repeat procedure rate (national benchmark 90%) 100%
    Rectal retroversion rate (national benchmark 90%) 100%
    Gastroscopy completeness procedure (national benchmark n/a) 99%
    patients likely to or extremely likely to recommend our service 100%
    patients felt the procedure was less painful or as expected 96%
    patients undergoing a procedure were offered sedation 100%