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Outsourced Dermatology

At DMC, we pride ourselves on our experienced and highly skilled staff who enable us to offer improved and quicker access to treatment within the community. Our community dermatology consultant-led service treats over 40,000 new patients each year.

We provide a one-stop, Consultant-led and community-based Community Dermatology Service with swift, accurate triage, timely communication with patients and GPS, and improved new to follow up ratios. A service resourced and managed to meet the needs of a diverse population including longer appointments for people with learning disabilities, translation services and a commitment to employing staff representative of the communities we serve. We bring the highest quality of care closer to patients’ homes, enhancing access and experience while reducing unnecessary referrals to secondary care.

DMC Dermatology Service

  • Improve access
  • Support GP Education
  • Support patient education and self-management
  • Improves safety and clinical effectiveness
  • Improves quality and efficiency

Secondary Care Referrals
DMC Healthcare understand the desire to decrease Dermatology referrals from GP’s on 2 weeks wait pathway, especially where 95-98% of 2 weeks wait referrals are benign. This means that GP’s may be unsure of the diagnosis but still need to know with confidence. To conduct this, we plan to upskill Local GP’s and run a weekly or 2 weekly 4-hour clinical sessions. We can deliver teaching in Dermatology and lesion recognition within clinics and through separate evening tutorials. Contact us to talk about our GP training programmes.


  • Closer to home
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Skilled, multi disciplinary team
  • Digitised (GPs can seek faster diagnosis via bespoke app)
  • Integrated with support services in the community