Our commitment to vigorous clinical governance sets us apart, making it a trusted partnerQuality Account Report 2020/21

Our Approach

At DMC Healthcare we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care, safe and effective services.

In order to achieve this, we understand the importance of good governance and ensuring they are delivered throughout our services. We strive to deliver a culture of openness and transparency and continually assess our impact with patients and staff to ensure we are ‘getting it right’.

Our approach and ethos empower our staff to be innovative and consider alternative options to improve services, programmes of improvement are evaluated through our governance framework process and have led to significant impacts in improving patient care within DMC.

We have outlined our priorities and hold rigorous and robust assessment of our adherence to and delivery of the priorities.

7 Pillars of Clinical Governance

The 7 pillars of Governance are as outlined, at DMC Healthcare we have structured systems and processes that enable a workstream to be robustly governed and drive quality improvements throughout the organisation:

  • Clinical Effectiveness

  • Audit

  • Information

  • Staff Management

  • Patient & Public Involvement

  • Risk Assessment

  • Education & Training

Quality Account Report 2020/21

Welcome to our Quality Account for 2020/21. This document provides an overview of the quality of the services we provided over the past twelve months and identifies our priorities for quality improvement during the coming year. Whilst the document provides a lookback over the services, we provided in the last year, it would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and commitment made by our amazing staff during a year like no other and this report reflects our staff challenges who remained focus and continued to come up with ways to improve and grow in providing services, the safest way possible, for our patients.


When we take on a new contract, we can quickly mobilise our services, bringing capability to perform at scale and collaborating closely with the Trust to deliver safe, high-quality services. Expert project managers and their supporting teams in IT, operations, and communications lead our initiatives. We focus on reaching the performance KPIs agreed upon with commissioners and executing critical ancillary functions such as TUPE where necessary, thanks to a controlled structure and resilient infrastructure.


Our Workstreams

  • STAGE 1: Contract, mobilise and plan delivery
  • STAGE 2: Establish evidence model and plan service engagement
  • STAGE 3: Ongoing service engagement (staff and population)


Our ability to maintain a high standard of care across all of our services is a hallmark of DMC Healthcare. Within each service, we use tried-and-true protocols that are supported by strong governance and team development.

We train our professionals in ways that are specifically designed to optimise care pathways and guarantee that we can provide the most effective service possible. Our services are always consultant-led, and our physicians place a strong focus on building trust and respect with their patients, as well as safeguarding patient data.

Our annual Dermatology Conference we host is a great example of just this. The conference brings together DMC dermatologists, nurses, HCAs, and other stakeholders to debate and share knowledge on all aspects of the service, including important learning themes, future initiatives, clinical experiences and regulatory compliances. It’s a crucial aspect of ensuring that our service offered to our patients and customers is constantly evaluated and fine-tuned to establish a successful care model.

National Dermatology Conference 2019

+ Our Partnerships

  • NHS England
  • Care Quality Commission
  • NHS SBS Approved Framework Supplier
  • Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Good Governance Institute
  • Insource Data
  • NICE