I finally have a GP practice I can trust.

Having been taken over St Mary’s Island in April 2018 the practice is now very well run and offers a much better service.

The administration team have been very polite and helpful, often having to apologise for ongoing issues or correcting mistakes they inherited from the previous owner of the surgery. We have used the Pharmacist Prescriber, she is knowledgeable and it is easy to get an appointment to see her. We have found she is very clear about what treatment she can provide and is able to prescribe the majority of things we have needed for minor ailments for ourselves or children. I have also been very impressed by the fact she gives follow up phone calls to ensure we have been taking medication correctly and, if appropriate, symptoms have gone away.

We have been extremely lucky and our female GP has remained in post following the sudden change of management. This GP is the best GP we have had at the surgery in the five years we have been patients there. She is empathetic, kind and very knowledgeable. She is great with our children and addresses them directly, even our youngest who is not yet talking,. Our elder child was wary of doctors and now, so inspired by the care of this GP wants to be a doctor herself!

This GP has worked tirelessly to get me onto the right treatment for an ongoing physical health condition, she has ensured I have the right support and ongoing care and also access to further information if I need it. I have been even more impressed with how she has approached ongoing mental health issues for my husband. She has followed up medication changes with a phone call a couple of weeks later to check he is OK, she has rung when he has forgotten blood tests and most importantly she has never rushed him or tried to second guess his symptoms or feelings during appointments.

I finally have a GP practice I can trust. I am hopeful the future will not see this change and we can continue to have this level of care.

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