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Partnership: United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Gastroenterology patients in Lincolnshire will have shorter waits for outpatient appointments thanks to a new partnership DMC Healthcare is supporting United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) to reduce its longest waiting patients for gastroenterology outpatient appointments. By working together, the aim is that no patients will be waiting longer than 78 weeks for a gastroenterology

TRUST Values : 2024 Update

As we usher in the New Year and look forward to everything that 2024 has in store for DMC Healthcare, we are also given an opportunity to reflect on 2023, and how we have promoted and re-inforced our vital TRUST values. So what exactly are the TRUST values? In short, TRUST defines not only the

People Story | Kerry Barrett | Key Account Manager, Endoscopy & Dermatology Services, DMC Healthcare

Kerry Barrett, Key Account Manager, Endoscopy & Dermatology Services explains why her character is perfect for a career in healthcare and why working at DMC has been life changing, after 22 years in the NHS.

People Story | Leighton Mitchell | Head of Business Development, DMC Healthcare

Leighton Mitchell, Head of Business Development at DMC Healthcare, talks about his journey to date and how he plans to help the company’s growth.

People Story | Dr Shawn Halpin | Medical Director and Consultant Neuroradiologist, DMC Radiology Reporting

Dr Shawn Halpin, experienced Consultant Neuroradiologist and Medical Director at DMC Radiology Reporting, tells us about his impressive career, his pioneering work in advanced interventional neuroradiology and his plans at DMC.

People Story | Ian Paulo Detran | Endoscopy Nurse at DMC Healthcare

Ian Paulo Detran, Endoscopy Nurse at DMC Healthcare, tells us about his work in insourcing and how he has really developed in the role.

Announcement | Experienced Consultant Neuroradiologist secures Medical Director role at DMC Radiology Reporting

DMC Imaging, also known as DMC Radiology Reporting, is proud to be selected onto the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) framework agreement for Reporting Services – Teleradiology, which runs to 31 July 2027.

People Story | Dr Bárbara Marinho | Quality & Governance Manager

Dr Bárbara Marinho, Quality & Governance Manager at DMC Healthcare, explains the driving force behind her passion for making a positive impact on patient care. She is now leveraging her impressive clinical expertise and a decade of experience in research and medical administration into her new role in governance at DMC.

People Story | Greta Adique | Sister and Endoscopy Nurse

Greta Adique, Sister and Endoscopy nurse at DMC Healthcare, tells us more about her work and explains the excellent teamwork and reporting systems.

News | DMC Radiology Reporting selected onto the NHS SBS Framework Agreement for Reporting Services – Teleradiology

DMC Imaging, also known as DMC Radiology Reporting, is proud to be selected onto the NHS Shared Business Services (SBS) framework agreement for Reporting Services – Teleradiology, which runs to 31 July 2027.

Event | BIR Annual Congress 2023

DMC Radiology Reporting were recent Silver Sponsors of the BIR Annual Congress 2023, which took place at the Royal College of Physicians in London on the 2-3 November.

Event | RCR Annual Conference 2023

DMC Radiology Reporting were recent proud Gold Sponsors of the 2023 RCR Annual Conference. Our team met and engaged with many leading UK radiologists, and had the unique opportunity to hear numerous insightful lectures over the 2-day congress. Over 12th-13th October, the ICC Birmingham played host to over 500 delegates attending in-person, with another 500 joining virtually.

People Story | Chris Saunders | Head of Operations, Dermatology & Endoscopy

Chris Saunders, our Head of Operations for Endoscopy and Dermatology, discusses his unusual career journey, how he came to realise that healthcare was the industry for him and why DMC is an outstanding organisation to work for.

News | CQC announce ‘Good’ rating for DMC Radiology Reporting

The DMC Healthcare’s radiology business, DMC Radiology Reporting, is proud to have received a ‘Good’ rating by Care Quality Commission (CQC) following the short-notice inspection this summer. DMC Radiology Reporting is a leading UK teleradiology company, established in 2013 and co-founded by senior radiologists, Professor Sujal Desai and Professor Simon Padley, in a joint venture with the DMC Healthcare Group.

News | DMC Healthcare announces Dermatology partnership with Hull Trust to ease waiting list pressures

DMC Healthcare has made a big impact on dermatology waiting lists, seeing 500 patients in 2 months, relieving pressure on existing services and improving patient experience.

Blog | Growth of DMC’s Lesion Photo Clinics Create New Career Paths for HCAs

In our latest blog, Pritika Gupta, Chief Operating Officer tells us about how investing in innovation and colleague development have always been key priorities. In its latest initiative, DMC is able to combine the two. Interestingly, we see a strong correlation to DMC’s priorities in innovation and colleague development and the new NHS Mandate, published

People Story | Alex McLuckie | Head of Operations, DMC Radiology Reporting

Alex McLuckie, Head of Operations at DMC Radiology Reporting, tells us about his career to date and why he is passionate about Nuclear Medicine. He shares his early thoughts on working at DMC. "My professional ethos focuses on enhancing healthcare services on a large scale" I have a love of science which led me to

Blog | The Radiology Workforce Challenge

DMC Radiology Reporting co-founder and clinical director Professor Sujal Desai, career–long cardiac and thoracic radiologist, talks about the role of AI and the upcoming RCR annual conference.

People Story | Dr Sudeep Tanwar | Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

Dr Sudeep Tanwar, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, DMC Healthcare talks about how a commitment to high quality endoscopists, nurses and coordinators means there is no weakness in the chain.

News | DMC Healthcare helps reduce radiology reporting backlogs in North Cumbria

DMC Healthcare, a leading independent provider of radiology reporting, primary care, dermatology and endoscopy services, has been supporting North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust to tackle backlogs in radiology reporting services. The reporting backlog of CT/MRI cases grew to a peak of 2800 but is now down to 600.

People Story | Mohsan Javed | Radiology Operations Manager

Mohsan Javed, Senior Operations Lead, Radiology Reporting division tells us about why he loves his job at DMC and how he is learning new things every day.

People Story | Dr Rory Kidd | GP with Extended Role (GPwER)

Dr Rory Kidd, GP with special interest in Dermatology, DMC Healthcare, talks about his 24 year long career as a GP and how working at DMC has expanded his dermatology knowledge and helped him have a more satisfying week at work.

Blog | Thoracic Imaging Masterclass was a great success

With activity numbers ramping up in our radiology departments, Professor Simon Padley, Clinical Director DMC Radiology Reporting, reflects on where we have come from and where we are going.

People Story | Brenda Riley | Dermatology Healthcare Assistant

Brenda Riley, Healthcare Assistant (HCA), Dermatology joined DMC in August 2022 and tells us all about what she loves about her role and how it fits within her lifestyle.

People Story | Beverly Blissett | Endoscopy Staff Nurse

Beverly Blissett, Endoscopy Staff Nurse at DMC Healthcare tells us about carrying out her nursing degree in her 30s and how she is constantly learning and feels thoroughly supported at DMC.

People Story | Dr Katherine Miszkiel | Consultant Neuroradiologist

Dr Katherine Miszkiel, Consultant Neuroradiologist tells us about her diverse career, what she likes about working with DMC Radiology Reporting and how she found it an interesting and exciting opportunity that she wanted to be part of.

Blog | DMC Radiology Reporting on Teleradiology and the NHS

With activity numbers ramping up in our radiology departments, Professor Simon Padley, Clinical Director DMC Radiology Reporting, reflects on where we have come from and where we are going.

Event | DMC sponsor the RCR Thoracic Imaging Masterclass

Join us at the second in the successful Royal College of Radiologists-Royal Brompton Hospital Masterclass Series in Thoracic Imaging.

Blog | RCR Thoracic Image Masterclass | DMC Radiology Reporting co-directors, Professor Sujal Desai and Professor Simon Padley, describe the upcoming 2nd Masterclass in Thoracic Imaging

Read the latest blog by DMC Radiology Reporting co-directors, Professor Sujal Desai and Professor Simon Padley, describing the upcoming 2nd Masterclass in Thoracic Imaging run in conjunction with Royal College of Radiologists & Royal Brompton Hospital, on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 February 2023.

People Story | Dr Verena Caelius | Consultant Dermatologist and Allergist

Dr Verena Caelius, Consultant Dermatologist and Allergist, DMC Healthcare, tells us about her career to date and how much she enjoys the support from DMC, due to their approachability, flexibility and their brilliant patient care.

People Story | Sarah Diamond | Dermatology Operations Manager

Sarah Diamond, Operations Manager, Dermatology, tells us how she adapted perfectly to her role at DMC Healthcare which connects her caring nature with her ardent planning qualities.

Blog | DMC Endoscopy | DMC explains the importance of experienced nurses to provide high quality endoscopy care

DMC explains the importance of experienced nurses to provide high quality endoscopy care

People Story | Ed Obra | Endoscopy Lead Nurse/Service Manager

I’m pro quality and am excited to be able to excel at providing a safe, high quality service. I am enjoying my job and have found the perfect work-life balance with one day in the office, two days clinical, and one day working from home.

Blog | Increasing Capacity Framework (ICF) | DMC Healthcare successfully appointed

DMC Healthcare, a leading independent provider of dermatology, radiology reporting, endoscopy and community services, has successfully been appointed to the Increasing Capacity Framework (ICF) commencing 1st August 2022.

Blog | DMC Radiology Reporting | ‘The Right Study by the Right Radiologist at the Right Time’

It is a fact that radiology departments across the NHS are at breaking point. According to the Royal College of Radiologists Census, the consultant radiologist workforce is short-staffed by ~30% of the required number of posts. More worrying is the 39% workforce shortfall forecast by 2026, equating to 3166 full time radiologists. Delays in the reporting of radiology examinations results in long waits for patients, not to mention the risks of delayed diagnosis. Not surprisingly there are knock-on effects on radiologists across the board: indeed, the data suggest that 1 in 3 consultant radiologists experienced work-related stress.

People Story | Adrienne Christie | Dermatology Team Leader for Service Coordinators and Call Administrators

I support our service admin and call administrators, run appraisals, one to ones, probations and hire new staff. There are currently 18 members of my team and I make sure rotas are finished, carry out call audits, ensuring tasks are completed. I support with the complaints process and help my team when we are short staffed.

People Story | Colin Gentle | Estates and Facilities Assistant Manager

View Colin's story here {{ vc_btn: title=Download+&link=url%3Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fdmc.local%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2022%252F09%252FDMC_Staff_Stories_Colin_Gentle.pdf }}"There’s never a dull day at DMC and it’s very rewarding." Colin Gentle, Estates and Facilities Assistant Manager tells us about how being brought up in a business-oriented family has instilled hard work and a desire to learn, and how this has led to three promotions at DMC.

People Story | Dr Luigi Citarella | Dermatologist Consultant

View Luigi's story here {{ vc_btn: title=Download+&link=url%3Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fdmc.local%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2022%252F07%252FDMC_Staff_Stories_Luigi_Citarella.pdf }}“Medicine and human science are my passions” I was born in Italy and have over 20 years’ experience in the field of dermatology. As the first person in a very large Italian family to go into medicine, I’ve always been interested in science and I took this direction

People Story | Emma Summers | Business Support Assistant

View Emma's story here {{ vc_btn: title=Download+&link=url%3Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fdmc.local%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2022%252F06%252FDMC_Staff_Stories_Emma_Summers_V2.pdf }}“I had a varied career before entering healthcare” When I was at school, my ambition was to work with children but after college I started working in a hotel one Friday night and ended up staying there for 6 years, working my way up to duty manager. In

People Story | Dr Lou Toms-Whittle | Primary Care Clinical Lead

View Lou's story here {{ vc_btn: title=Download+&link=url%3Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fdmc.local%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2022%252F05%252FDMC_Staff_Stories_Dr-Lou-V2-1.pdf }}“From a young age, my family encouraged me to go into medicine” I completed my A levels which covered the three sciences and English literature. After training at Bristol University, I worked as a junior doctor in Swindon before moving to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital for GP

People Story | Leigh Rose | Lead Endoscopy Nurse

View Leigh's story here {{ vc_btn: title=Download+&link=url%3Ahttp%253A%252F%252Fdmc.local%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2022%252F04%252FDMC_Staff_Stories_Leigh_Rose.pdf }}“DMC Healthcare is dynamic and very responsive. You really feel like you are part of a family.” I didn't take a straightforward route into nursing and started working in a bank at 16. At 20 I had a child and when I returned to work, I worked in

News | DMC Healthcare work with Insource Data to enhance Governance and Patient Data

Data governance and accuracy of healthcare reporting bolstered as DMC Healthcare collaborate with Insource to commission Reporting-as-as-Service (RaaS). Insource Ltd, the leading elective care solutions and data management provider to the NHS, is delighted to welcome DMC Healthcare, a leading independent provider of primary care, dermatology, endoscopy and radiology reporting, as its most recent managed services customer.  Reporting-as-a-Service

News | DMC Healthcare launches its new internal values – TRUST

At DMC Healthcare (DMC) we have taken active steps in the last year to enhance the current governance arrangements and formalise a robust reporting process. This has progressed well, with many of our colleagues inputting into the process, and as part of this review it was agreed to revisit the Vision and Values held by

Resources | Menopause Symptoms Questionnaire

This can be used to monitor symptoms and is worth doing regularly to assess how symptoms change with time or with treatment. Please print this page and indicate the extent to which you are bothered at the moment by any of these symptoms by placing a tick in the appropriate box: Symptoms Not at all

News | DMC staff organise charity walk from Church View to Sheppey

DMC Healthcare are organising a charity walk for all staff on Sunday 12th September 2021. The walk will start at DMC Church View Practice to DMC Sheppey Healthcare Centre via DMC Iwade Health Centre, in Kent. The idea was initiated through a conversation “How we have not met colleagues Face to Face” since working remotely

People Story | Helen Greengrass | Operations Development Manager

 Happy Retirement to Helen Greengrass who has served 18 years with DMC Healthcare! What is the highlight of your time at DMC?I have done so many different roles at DMC and I enjoyed them all. I joined DMC as Projects and data. Sarah Parsons introduced me to you [Anil], I had an interview with you Anil and

News | Ellie’s Story | A Mental Health Campaign

At DMC Healthcare we take your mental health seriously, with Mental Health Nurses available at our practices we aim to support our patient’s mental health needs. We have developed a campaign that aims to support young people, this is based on Ellie’s story who like many teenagers struggled with anxiety, felt low, sad and often

People Story | Michelle Kneller | Lead Healthcare Assistant

Michelle Kneller, 47, Lead Healthcare Assistant (HCA), Dermatology Service, based in Essex at DMC Healthcare, tells us about her career to date and why she loves her job and helping others. A personal tragedy inspired me to retrain as a HCA and help others When I left school, I trained and worked for 18 years

News | DMC Healthcare welcomes Helen Hayes MP to first virtual tour of innovative Dulwich surgery

On 1 July 2020, DMC Healthcare welcomed Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood and shadow minister for the Cabinet Office, to DMC Crystal Palace Road surgery. The virtual meeting was structured to include an overview of their innovative approach to mental health and technology, a guided tour and meetings with the multi-disciplinary team

Service Update | Covid-19

A service update to reassure you that we are still here to help you during this difficult time. Considering the ongoing situation relating to COVID-19, and the advice issued by the Prime Minster yesterday 23/03/20 we have taken the decision to close our calls centres temporarily. This is to ensure the safety of our staff. 

DMC Advice | 4 dermatology tips for people with skin conditions

Over and above government advice on handwashing and reducing coronavirus transmission, people with dry scaly skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis may wish to follow the additional advice: There is no evidence that dry scaly skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are more likely to acquiring or transmit coronavirus  Topical medications such as

Careers | Why did you choose to work at DMC?

This weeks topic is:Why did you choose to work at DMC? Dr Gertrud Buerstedde, DMC Chadwick Road, explains what makes DMC Healthcare a great choice for experienced GP’s looking for the right role. We are currently looking for talented, passionate GP’s who share our mission to deliver healthier outcomes. We have a number of salaried

Clinical Effectiveness

Clinical effectiveness means ensuring that all aspects of service delivery are designed to provide the best outcomes for patients. This is achieved by ensuring that the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time they are in need and in the correct setting.


A patient’s information should always be up to date and correct on any systems used. It should also be confidential through correct storage and management of data.

Risk Management

Risk Management involves having robust systems in place to understand, monitor and minimise the risks to patients and staff and to learn from mistakes. When things go wrong in the delivery of care, our staff teams should feel safe admitting it and be able to learn and share what they have learnt, which embeds change in practice.

Patient & Public Involvement

Communication with patients and the public is essential to gain insight on the quality of care we deliver, and any possible problems that can result. Public involvement is equally as important to ensure that patient and public feedback is used to improve services into day-to-day practice for better patient outcomes.

Education & Training

This encompasses the provision of appropriate support to enable staff to be competent in doing their jobs and to develop their skills so that they are up to date. Professional development needs to continue through lifelong learning.

Staff Management

This ensures the organisation recruits highly skilled staff and aligns them with the correct job roles. Staff are supported in professional development and to gain and improve their skills.


The aim of the audit process is to ensure that clinical practice is continuously monitored and that deficiencies in relation to set standards of care are remedied. Research goes alongside audits to pioneer best practice improvements.