Our commitment to vigorous clinical governance sets us apart, making us a trusted partner

Our approach to quality

At DMC Healthcare, we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest quality of care through safe and effective services.

In order to achieve this, we understand the importance of good governance and strive to deliver a culture of openness and transparency, continually assessing our impact on patients and staff to ensure we are ‘getting it right’.

We recognise the critical importance of not just offering services but ensuring they are of high quality, which directly impacts patient outcomes. According to a WHO report from 2023, more than 3,000,000 deaths occur annually due to substandard services, which serves to underscore the necessity of investing in quality within our services as we expand healthcare access.

Our approach and ethos empower our staff to be innovative and consider alternative options to improve services.

What quality means to us

We’ve asked some members of our team to tell us what quality means to them from different areas of DMC Healthcare.

Lead Endoscopy Nurse, Ed Obra says

“My number one priority is to focus on providing a safe, high quality endoscopy service with people at the heart. I’ve been given the freedom to grow in my role as a service manager and I’m really pleased that all our nurses are now 100% compliant with their training.”

Dermatology Team Leader, Adrienne Christie says

“Quality is always on my mind. I support our service admin and call administrators, run appraisals, one to ones, probations and hire new staff. There are currently 18 members of my team and I make sure rotas are planned, carry out call audits, ensuring quality is always at the forefront.”

Quality and Governance Co-ordinator, Emma Summers says

“I like to be someone who is always contributing to change and love that we are all working towards the same goal of providing an outstanding service for our patients and our colleagues - we’re all one team.”

Operations Manager, Radiology Reporting, Mohsan Javed says

“I have always had a strong duty of care and I want to make sure I do everything I can for patients. My 100% focus is on avoiding any delays to patient care.”

Dr Ravi Gupta, Clinical Director says

“Quality to me, means a dedicated focus on kindness, compassion, dignity and respect. A quality service means I would have no hesitation in myself, and my relatives being treated in that service, for example to have a lump removed or be absolutely comfortable in having an endoscopy procedure. ”

Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Tariq Shah, says

“With 21 years clinical experience, I make sure my patient letters are informative and very comprehensive in order to provide high quality care. Because of DMC’s investment in infrastructure and supportive teams, we work in a safe environment.”

Sarah Diamond, Operations Manager, Dermatology

“I was given the opportunity to progress in DMC – I wasn’t told to stay in my lane. We have a fantastic, resilient team who just want to do their very best for their patients and the family-oriented culture really helps.”

Brenda Riley, Healthcare Assistant (HCA), Dermatology

“I love the team spirit at DMC. The communication is very good and the team is very helpful. It is so flexibly fitting around my schedule and family life.”

Ian Paulo Detran, Endoscopy Nurse

“I feel honoured because I work with very good senior endoscopy nurses and have learnt so much. If the patient is content and feels safe, I feel I’ve done an efficient job.”

Beverly Blissett, Endoscopy Staff Nurse

“I carried out my nursing degree in my 30s, am constantly learning and feel thoroughly supported at DMC. I could not have chosen a better organisation to work for. They are friendly, informative and a great bunch of people.” 

Dr Katherine Miszkiel, Consultant Neuroradiologist

“There are many benefits of working at DMC including easy communication, great variety of work, flexible and tailored workload, excellent IT support and prompt payment.” 

Victoria Eaton, HR & Recruitment Manager

“I am determined to cultivate a healthy work environment where all colleagues can thrive.”

Dr Sudeep Tanwar, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

“The DMC team is a nice family - we have fun, in addition to working hard. We work to very high standards at DMC - We are committed to high quality endoscopists, nurses and coordinators - there are no weaknesses in the chain with DMC.”

Dr Luigi Citarella, Consultant Dermatologist

“At DMC I’m working in a brilliant environment with cutting edge technologies providing full care for patients, both clinically and organisationally.”

Dr Lou Toms-Whittle, GP and former Primary Care Clinical Lead

“I’ve learnt so much at DMC and learnt from with some truly outstanding colleagues - from head office to the frontline.”

7 Pillars of Clinical Governance

Our organisation’s dedication to the highest standard of service delivery is demonstrated through the 7 pillars of governance, which are embedded into the framework of our values. Governance ensures a continuous commitment to improve standards of medical care delivery. It serves as a foundation for management, supervision, and improvement, and it guarantees better patient care and organisational service delivery.

Risk Management

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Patient & Public Involvement

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Clinical Effectiveness

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Education & Training

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Staff Management

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What our Patients & Commissioners think of us

“I recently had an appointment at the Dermatology Clinic at the Health Centre. After a minute of waiting, I was ushered into the doctor bang on time. He was friendly and efficient, as was the nurse assisting him.”

Dermatology patient in Hereford and Worcester area

“Thank you for your time and help reassuring me about my skin issue. It’s nice to find a doctor that takes time to see me in person and explain what the problem is and how to solve it. I really appreciate your kindness, compassion and professionalism. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Dermatology patient in West London

“I did not wait long after arriving for my procedure. The staff were professional and very caring. I would recommend coming on a weekend to be seen quickly. Everything was just perfect.”

Endoscopy patient

“Staff are absolutely brilliant, courteous, thoughtful, knowledgeable and kind.”

Endoscopy patient

“We chose to partner with DMC due to the high quality and the cost effectiveness of their reporting of our plain studies.”


“Over the years we have built and maintained a strong relationship with DMC Healthcare, and we trust them to deliver what they say they will deliver. Their high levels of quality and low discrepancy rates are very much in line with our own internal standards.”

Radiology Reporting partner

Quality in Endoscopy

We have a defined governance structure that enables regular assessment against areas such as activity, risk, audit and regulatory compliance. We hold bimonthly endoscopy SOG (Strategic Operational Governance). We support local Trusts to achieve JAG accreditation.

Quality in Dermatology

An audit of each clinician is undertaken each month and outcomes for learning are discussed directly. We have a robust governance structure and are proud of our Clinical Professionalism Oversight Policy.

Quality in Radiology Reporting

Our robust governance assurance framework includes new starter audits (first 20 cases double read) and regular audits (up to 5% axial; 2% plain films) and we pride ourselves in our efficient, rapid response to client enquiries.

We are proud to have a remarkably low annual discrepancy rate of less than 0.1%, and a recent CQC inspection returned a ‘GOOD’ rating.

Our Quality Account Report

Our Quality Account Report offers a brief overview of our most current quality indicators and demonstrates the team’s commitment to improving the level of care and service provided to patients and customers.

Clinical Effectiveness

Clinical effectiveness means ensuring that all aspects of service delivery are designed to provide the best outcomes for patients. This is achieved by ensuring that the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time they are in need and in the correct setting.


A patient’s information should always be up to date and correct on any systems used. It should also be confidential through correct storage and management of data.

Risk Management

Risk Management involves having robust systems in place to understand, monitor and minimise the risks to patients and staff and to learn from mistakes. When things go wrong in the delivery of care, our staff teams should feel safe admitting it and be able to learn and share what they have learnt, which embeds change in practice.

Patient & Public Involvement

Communication with patients and the public is essential to gain insight on the quality of care we deliver, and any possible problems that can result. Public involvement is equally as important to ensure that patient and public feedback is used to improve services into day-to-day practice for better patient outcomes.

Education & Training

This encompasses the provision of appropriate support to enable staff to be competent in doing their jobs and to develop their skills so that they are up to date. Professional development needs to continue through lifelong learning.

Staff Management

This ensures the organisation recruits highly skilled staff and aligns them with the correct job roles. Staff are supported in professional development and to gain and improve their skills.


The aim of the audit process is to ensure that clinical practice is continuously monitored and that deficiencies in relation to set standards of care are remedied. Research goes alongside audits to pioneer best practice improvements.