DMC founders Anil Gupta and Dr Ravi Gupta grew up above their father’s GP surgery in South London, immersed from their youth in ‘the whole fabric of general practice’. Over the years they got to know many patients personally. They observed the importance of a strong relationship and mutual respect between doctor and patient, something they strive to replicate to this day.

Our values


  • Family Led
  • NHS heritage
  • Community


  • Clinically Led
  • Innovative
  • Integrated


  • Patient centred
  • Responsible
  • Trusted

“Providing a core Primary Care service within DMC since 1967, has allowed us to widen our offering to provide more specialty services such as Dermatology, Endoscopy, MSK and Radiology Reporting to the NHS. We now have the confidence to evolve and develop further into new services as they integrate into the Community.

50 years working solely for the NHS has allowed us to develop a reputation that we are proud of. Keeping and growing staff within DMC has been mentally and morally rewarding and heart-warming. The knock-on effect for patients and clinicians of our “true north” can be seen at each of our sites, in each of our clinics. Speaking to patients directly whether in a Patient Group or at the front door of a clinic, makes the journey real.

Going forward, Ravi and I are keen to (and will) support the NHS over the next 10 years in support of its plans, reducing waste through better technology, better outcomes, better data, better solutions and better teams. Working in a culture of trust with our commissioners, understanding we are all evolving in the same direction is what I strongly believe in. A greater vision to help deliver services beyond borders under an NHS brand would be exciting!

Anil Gupta – Founder

“I’m keen to embrace technology such as artificial intelligence and wearables in order to improve patient experience, care pathways and deliver more accessible care to patients, while also being firmly committed to maintaining the strong personal relationships between patient and doctor that I observed growing up above Dad’s surgery, with the whole fabric of general practice around us. Although times have changed, and the work of a GP has evolved, we still believe very strongly that the patient should be at the heart of everything we do.”

Ravi Gupta – Founder