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“DMC supplies us with sub speciality reporting across various scanning modalities, providing around 1,300 reports a month and always in a timely and professional manner”

Chris Drakeford, Operations Director, Alliance Medical | Working with DMC Radiology since 2014

Radiology Reporting

DMC Radiology Reporting was founded by leading practitioners who sought to bring to market the service they themselves would commission. Subspecialist. Clinically-led. UK-based radiologists using the best reporting tech available, supported by a responsive operations team. We have been operating since 2012, meeting the demand for high quality, accurate reporting services across the UK.

+ Subspecialist | The right scan to the right radiologist
+ Outstanding clinical leadership | Lead by leaders in the field of Radiology
+ 24-48 hrs reporting turnaround time | A key metric we take pride in
+ Secure | Underpinned by robust clinical governance
+ Best in class tech | Partnered with Carestream and Biotronics 3DNet
+ Education | Bespoke training in partnership with the British Institute of Radiology

+ Subspeciality Reporting

    • Low-dose  G lung cancer screening

    • High -resolution CT

    • Prostatic MRI

    • Cancer staging (inc. RECIST)

+ Subspeciality Expertise

    • CT colonography

    • Vascular imaging

    • Neuroradiology

    • Head & Neck imaging

+ Our services

    • Routine Tele-Radiology reporting

    • Nuclear medicine

    • Second opinion reporting

    • Independent clinic Audit

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Our team is made up of FRCR qualified, subspecialist radiologists, covering all organs, body areas and modalities. Each subspecialist team is led by a senior radiologist, who works closely with their respective team and in-house auditors to ensure high-quality reporting and optimum accuracy at all times. All our radiologists have access to the latest technologies.

  • + Body MR

    Our body MR service is led by Prof Simon Padley

    Prof Padley specialises in thoracic and vascular imaging and intervention at both the Royal Brompton Hospital and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where he leads the lung cancer imaging and intervention service, and the cardiac CT service.

  • + Musculoskeletal

    Our musculoskeletal service is led by Prof Eugene Mcnally

    Dr McNally is a Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologists with over 20 years of experience working at the highest level in a tertiary referral unit. He has experience in all forms of imaging within Trauma, Tumour, Inflammatory, sports injuries and generalised disorders of the musculoskeletal system. He is an honorary senior lecturer at Oxford University. He has been guest speaker at numerous events including being an invited lecturer at the International European and British society for the last 15 years. He has written numerous papers, abstracts and book chapters on musculoskeletal. He is the past President of the British Society of Radiology.

  • + Body CT

    Our body CT service is led by Dr Praveen Peddu

    Dr Praveen Peddu is a consultant radiologist at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust where he has a special interest in gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disease, and particular expertise in hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorder interpretation.

  • + Nuclear Medicine

    Our nuclear medicine service is led by Dr Gill Vivian

    Dr Vivian has been a consultant in nuclear medicine and radiology for over thirty years, and currently leads the Molecular Imaging and Therapy service at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • + Neuroadiology

    Our neuroradiology service is led by Dr Katherine Miszkiel

    Dr Miszkiel is a consultant neuroradiologist at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. Her special areas of interest are neuroinflammatory disorders including MS, and neuro-ophthalmological diseases.

  • + Ultrasound

    Our ultrasound service is led by Prof Simon Padley

    Prof Padley specialises in thoracic and vascular imaging and intervention at both the Royal Brompton Hospital and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where he leads the lung cancer imaging and intervention service, and the cardiac CT service.

What we do
Learn how we can deliver fast, accurate and secure sub-specialist radiology reporting. Presented by Prof. Simon Padley.

Why we do it
As a consultant Radiologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital, Dr. Sujai became increasingly unhappy with the quality of remote radiology reporting so together with Professor Simon Padley, he set up DMC Radiology Reporting.

We cover a wide range of imaging modalities

+ MRI and CT

Our subspecialist radiologists, hand-picked for their skill and expertise, cover all areas of MRI and CT reporting.

+ PET CT, Nuclear and SPECT

Providing highly accurate primary reporting, and decisive auditing services, to clients in both the NHS and independent private sector.

+ X-ray

Our X-ray radiology team handle high volumes of plain film reporting under the guidance of a highly experienced, clinical lead.

+ Clinical Audits

Our audits evaluate accuracy, error rates, communication and clinical utility, and we can provide forensic audit as part of any clinical incident investigations.

We're Hiring

Work remotely on your time, using the gold standard in reporting tech. Our radiologists are FRCR qualified, subspecialist radiologists, all UK-based.

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DMC Training Course

DMC Training courses are delivered in partnership with the British Institute of Radiology, provides expert-led, hands-on practical training and guidance for radiologists at all levels.

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