Waiting lists

Endoscopy departments continue to have under capacity, despite growing demand.

Weekday capacity

Bowel cancer screening and interventional procedures taking up weekday capacity at the expense of the diagnostic 2 week wait patient journey.

Workforce constraints

Endemic workforce gaps across clinical and admin/IT teams.

List productivity

Fragmented administration, high DNA rates, dropped lists and poor bowel preparation, resulting in poor list productivity.

Our Solutions

DMC Healthcare has been providing NHS services since 1967 and our partners entrust us to deal with high risk patient groups and specialist procedures.

We can support the NHS to tackle the growing demand and significant waiting list pressures with our highly responsive, consultant-led, insourced endoscopy services. DMC is a highly valued, flexible and reliable partner.

What we offer


Highly responsive, consultant-led, in-sourced endoscopy services

supporting the NHS to tackle growing demand and significant waiting lists pressures


Clinically-led and experienced workforce

supporting NHS teams to deliver endoscopy services in the right place at the right time


Safe, high quality care to every person every day

reducing the need for repeat tests, optimising patient outcomes and ensuring correct follow up


Efficient and effective, innovative services

constantly reviewed to improve workflows, offering true value and high quality

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97% of patients said they are extremely likely to recommend DMC

    Our Services

    • 2WW urgent referrals
    • Routine referrals
    • Surveillance cases
    • Patient scheduling support
    • JAG accreditation audit support

Our Governance

DMC has a defined governance structure that enables regular assessment against areas such as activity, risk, audit and regulatory compliance.

Safe and competent cancer care

Our team works closely with the local cancer network and multidisciplinary team with a dedicated coordinator liaising with the clinical nurse specialists.

Patients not lost in the system

Our failsafe system involves a dedicated number and the provision of the consultant’s name. We’ve been doing this since 2016.

Our People


Our clinical lead is Dr John Devlin, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist at Kings College Hospital, who is dedicated to quality, governance, education and continual improvement.

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Our Endoscopy Lead Nurse/Service Manager, Ed Obra is proud to be providing a safe, high quality endoscopy service at DMC.

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Dr John Devlin explains why we are different from other providers

We have a London teaching hospital leadership and ethos but with handpicked consultants from the regions
who are clinical leads based in their own hospitals. Many are involved in tertiary care bowel
screening or complex endoscopy. Our group of endoscopists are highly skilled specialists
covering upper and lower GI pathology.


Focused, dedicated, stable teams delivering on average 12-14 points per list with enhanced clinical outcomes.

Our end-to-end admin and clinical solution increases productivity through refinement, enhanced bowel prep and reduced DNAs.

High quality

98% of patients of patients rated their endoscopy experience as excellent (90%) or very good (8%) overall (May 23).

Through enhancing quality metrics and productivity, DMC has a track record in achieving JAG accreditation for Trusts.

We are expanding our endoscopy service and are looking to recruit experienced Endoscopy Nurses,
Consultants and Nurse Endoscopists to join our team.

How do we help

  • Gold standard process

    Our end to end model has a fail safe process, ensuring patient safety through seamless care. We give all patients a named contact and incorporate local teams into service delivery.

  • Clinical expertise

    We mainly work with JAG compliant clinicians from an NHS base. Many are involved in bowel cancer screening and operate at very high JAG quality metrics.

  • Governance structure

    We have a defined governance structure with regular assessment against areas including activity, risk, audit and regulatory compliance. Our innovative way of working is wholly focused on improving the patient experience.

  • Productivity

    We have a proven track record of improving productivity through low DNA rates, minimising cancellation occurances and reducing repeat tests.

What our Patients & Commissioners think of us

“The team was amazing, joyful and makes a real difference towards patient feeling, Wonderful team!!!”

“Everybody is well trained and can show the experience they have, polite and well-respected to their patients.”

“I did not wait long after arriving for my procedure. The staff were professional and very caring. I would recommend to come on a weekend to be seen quickly. Everything was just perfect.”

“All the staff were very friendly and personable and did their best to put me at ease.”

“Staff are absolutely brilliant, courteous, thoughtful, knowledgeable and kind.”

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We are ready to support your team through a network of >25 Consultant Gastroenterologists.

Contact us today to find out about our bespoke service, to help reduce your waiting lists.

Clinical Effectiveness

Clinical effectiveness means ensuring that all aspects of service delivery are designed to provide the best outcomes for patients. This is achieved by ensuring that the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time they are in need and in the correct setting.


A patient’s information should always be up to date and correct on any systems used. It should also be confidential through correct storage and management of data.

Risk Management

Risk Management involves having robust systems in place to understand, monitor and minimise the risks to patients and staff and to learn from mistakes. When things go wrong in the delivery of care, our staff teams should feel safe admitting it and be able to learn and share what they have learnt, which embeds change in practice.

Patient & Public Involvement

Communication with patients and the public is essential to gain insight on the quality of care we deliver, and any possible problems that can result. Public involvement is equally as important to ensure that patient and public feedback is used to improve services into day-to-day practice for better patient outcomes.

Education & Training

This encompasses the provision of appropriate support to enable staff to be competent in doing their jobs and to develop their skills so that they are up to date. Professional development needs to continue through lifelong learning.

Staff Management

This ensures the organisation recruits highly skilled staff and aligns them with the correct job roles. Staff are supported in professional development and to gain and improve their skills.


The aim of the audit process is to ensure that clinical practice is continuously monitored and that deficiencies in relation to set standards of care are remedied. Research goes alongside audits to pioneer best practice improvements.