Why work with DMC Radiology Reporting?

  • Leading UK teleradiology company established in 2013
  • Founded by Professor Sujal Desai and Professor Simon Padley renowned cardiac and thoracic radiologists with a distinguished background at the Royal Brompton Hospital
  • The opportunity to work in your own time and in your own space!
  • An excellent work-life balance
  • Incentives for high-volume reporters
  • User-friendly cloud-based PACS/reporting technology
  • Your worklists matched to your skills (The Right Radiologist for the Right Study at the Right Time)
  • Outstanding clinical leadership

Who are we looking for?

We have always sought to provide a reporting service by highly skilled subspecialty trained consultant radiologists.

Currently we are providing subspeciality reporting in the following areas and are looking to constantly expand this range of expertise.

Our Services

  • High-resolution CT
  • Prostatic MRI
  • Cancer staging (inc RECIST)
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Paediatric radiology
  • CT colonography
  • Vascular imaging
  • Neuroradiology
  • Neck & neck imaging

Subspeciality Expertise

  • Routine teleradiology reporting
  • Second opinion reporting
  • Targeted Lung Health Check (lung cancer screening)
  • Independent clinical audit

What makes DMC Radiology Reporting different?

  • Personalised Support and Seamless Integration

    At our service, we pride ourselves on offering a personalised approach that sets us apart from larger providers. We’re not just small and nimble; we’re flexible and committed to your success. Whether it’s accommodating your schedule, providing seamless IT support, or simplifying the on-boarding process, we’re here to empower you. We adapt to your needs, ensuring a harmonious work-life balance. Discover a radiology partnership designed entirely around you.

  • Personal, friendly approach

    As we continue to grow, we maintain a personal relationship with all our radiologists, and our operations team, known for their commitment to the highest governance standards, develops bespoke relationships, especially with our reporters.

  • Competitive rates

    We pay very competitive rates, as good, and usually better than elsewhere – we spend a lot of time doing market research to make sure of this because as we all know, we are the sum of our radiologists. We believe we are an attractive company to work for.

  • Slick technology platform

    We require no special administrative privileges, the platform is web based with a zero footprint, we have embedded voice recognition technology and a lot of inbuilt tools. We use, Biotronics 3D, which we have been with for 8 years. They have been so successful that they have now been acquired by a bigger player to develop the product further and farther afield.

  • Innovative Technology with Intuitive Ease

    Join our radiology revolution, where we prioritise your success. Our concise yet comprehensive training ensures you’re operational within an hour, covering everything from MPR to advanced diagnostics. We provide cutting-edge hardware and voice recognition software for efficient reporting. With over a decade of remote support experience, we guarantee a smooth transition to home reporting. Plus, our radiologists offer ongoing training opportunities, keeping you at the forefront of your field. Discover radiology excellence, tailored to your needs, with us.

  • Kit provision

    We can provide kit free of charge, but we know many radiologists have high quality equipment at home or in the office that they can access, and are not in need of another workstation taking up space.

Here’s what one of our consultant radiologists thinks

Dr Katherine Miszkiel

Dr Katherine Miszkiel, Consultant Neuroradiologist

“Thriving at DMC Radiology Reporting since 2013, these key advantages have made our busy and pressurized working lives easier and less stressful.”

Leadership and Values: Founded and led by caring senior radiologists who prioritize staff, service quality, and prompt issue resolution.

Career Advancement and Compensation: Flexibility in commitments, competitive remuneration, and ongoing reviews for your success.

Support and Infrastructure: Accessible support for both urgent reports and IT needs, provided by our dedicated team.

As demand from our clients grows, we invite you to join our team by filling out the form.


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Clinical Effectiveness

Clinical effectiveness means ensuring that all aspects of service delivery are designed to provide the best outcomes for patients. This is achieved by ensuring that the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time they are in need and in the correct setting.


A patient’s information should always be up to date and correct on any systems used. It should also be confidential through correct storage and management of data.

Risk Management

Risk Management involves having robust systems in place to understand, monitor and minimise the risks to patients and staff and to learn from mistakes. When things go wrong in the delivery of care, our staff teams should feel safe admitting it and be able to learn and share what they have learnt, which embeds change in practice.

Patient & Public Involvement

Communication with patients and the public is essential to gain insight on the quality of care we deliver, and any possible problems that can result. Public involvement is equally as important to ensure that patient and public feedback is used to improve services into day-to-day practice for better patient outcomes.

Education & Training

This encompasses the provision of appropriate support to enable staff to be competent in doing their jobs and to develop their skills so that they are up to date. Professional development needs to continue through lifelong learning.

Staff Management

This ensures the organisation recruits highly skilled staff and aligns them with the correct job roles. Staff are supported in professional development and to gain and improve their skills.


The aim of the audit process is to ensure that clinical practice is continuously monitored and that deficiencies in relation to set standards of care are remedied. Research goes alongside audits to pioneer best practice improvements.