• Clinically Led

    Clinically-led. UK-based team using the best techniques, supported by a responsive operations team.

  • Subspecialist

    Ensuring patients receive the right diagnosis by the right specialist clinician.

  • Trusted Partner

    DMC has been a trusted partner of NHS since 1967, providing consultant-led care for multiple CCG's and Trusts, treating thousands of patients per annum.

Leading provider of consultant-led Specialty ServicesSpecialty Case Studies


We currently provide clinically-led dermatology services for more than a dozen CCGs around the country. Our service is sought after; we have a record of contract extensions and enhancement. Safe delivery is a top priority, ensured by our robust Governance Framework and annual Clinical Audit Plan. Our service is staffed by multidisciplinary teams and is closely integrated with supporting local services. We mobilise quickly; our project managers are PRINCE2 registered and are supported by our IT, operations and comms teams for a swift, seamless roll out. Our services are systematically monitored and reviewed, ensuring they can consistently reduce waiting times, and deliver quality, compassionate care closer to patients’ homes.

Service features:

  • Innovative: we have just launched our Teledermatology app
  • Data-driven: real time monitoring of pre-agreed KPIs
  • Empowering clinicians through education – our portal for GPs provides consultant facilitated online tutorial
  • Biannual DMC Dermatology conference, bringing together our clinical experts to learn from each other
  • Individual Job Plans and career development pathways for GPSIs e.g. CESR
  • Enhanced clinical roles for HCAs e.g. surgical assistant, wound dressings, promoting patient self-care
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Radiology Reporting

A quality subspecialist reporting service led by world renowned practitioners. UK-based radiologists, rapid turnaround times. Clinically-led. Sub speciality expertise. Our subspecialist reporting service was established by Dr Sujal Desai, MD, FRCP, FRCR and Professor Simon Padley, both from the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. We are led by our radiology reporting service Medical Director Dr Shawn Halpin, a diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologist with an international reputation. Our team is comprised entirely of UK-based subspecialist Consultant Radiologists.

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Endoscopy Service

DMC’s insourced GI Endoscopy service utilises would-be idle hospital facilities, and operates flexibly, either outside of core hours or within the working week. We offer a national service – mobilised quickly, delivered within Trust guidelines. As clinical professionals, we are mindful to leave the facilities as we found them. Once our work is completed, we leave the department ready for Trust operation on the next working day.

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Clinical Effectiveness

Clinical effectiveness means ensuring that all aspects of service delivery are designed to provide the best outcomes for patients. This is achieved by ensuring that the right care is delivered to the right person at the right time they are in need and in the correct setting.


A patient’s information should always be up to date and correct on any systems used. It should also be confidential through correct storage and management of data.

Risk Management

Risk Management involves having robust systems in place to understand, monitor and minimise the risks to patients and staff and to learn from mistakes. When things go wrong in the delivery of care, our staff teams should feel safe admitting it and be able to learn and share what they have learnt, which embeds change in practice.

Patient & Public Involvement

Communication with patients and the public is essential to gain insight on the quality of care we deliver, and any possible problems that can result. Public involvement is equally as important to ensure that patient and public feedback is used to improve services into day-to-day practice for better patient outcomes.

Education & Training

This encompasses the provision of appropriate support to enable staff to be competent in doing their jobs and to develop their skills so that they are up to date. Professional development needs to continue through lifelong learning.

Staff Management

This ensures the organisation recruits highly skilled staff and aligns them with the correct job roles. Staff are supported in professional development and to gain and improve their skills.


The aim of the audit process is to ensure that clinical practice is continuously monitored and that deficiencies in relation to set standards of care are remedied. Research goes alongside audits to pioneer best practice improvements.