Announcement | Experienced Consultant Neuroradiologist secures Medical Director role at DMC Radiology Reporting

Dr Shawn Halpin joined DMC Radiology Reporting on 1 November 2023 as Medical Director bringing with him an impressive career and pioneering work in advanced interventional neuroradiology.

DMC Radiology Reporting is a leading UK teleradiology company, established in 2013 and co-founded by senior radiologists, Professor Sujal Desai and Professor Simon Padley, in a joint venture with the DMC Healthcare Group.

With a growing demand for radiology reporting and an insufficient number of radiologists to meet this demand, there is significant pressure to generate reports reliably and in a timely manner.

DMC Radiology Reporting is proud of its meticulous and comprehensive auditing which surpasses the industry average. In his role as Medical Director, Dr Halpin bears overall responsibility for the performance of radiologists and governance structures.

Dr Shawn Halpin says:

“I chose to work with DMC Radiology Reporting because the company’s ethos aligns better with my preferences, compared to other providers. There is a significant emphasis on delivering high quality reports via subspecialty radiologists. DMC is clinically led and by using dedicated subspecialists, we deliver higher quality reports than those generated from generalists who might not appreciate the nuances and management choices that are available.”

Professor Sujal Desai, Clinical Director and co-founder added:

“DMC Radiology Reporting has a significant role to play in supporting the NHS reduce their waiting lists, particularly in the areas of complex radiology interventions in cardiac, thoracic or the brain. We are very pleased that Dr Halpin has joined our team to ensure the delivery of exceptional audit processes and continuous improvement.”

After graduating from King’s College Hospital in 1982, Dr Halpin gained significant experience in neuroradiology, with a particular focus on brain perfusion and complex MRI techniques. He set up and ran the diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology service at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff for 24 years, significantly reducing mortality/morbidity rates.

With a keen interest in medico-legal topics and specifically within the realm of radiology, he was motivated to pursue a master’s degree in law in 2008.

A recent story in the Telegraph described a scan that came through to Dr Halpin on a Saturday. He recognised a life-threatening condition and directly contacted the patient. This demonstrated the effectiveness of using a subspecialist clinical radiologist, who knew the patient needed an urgent operation and which hospital he should go to. He was also able to explain what the operation entailed and reassure him about the process.

In October 2023, DMC Radiology Reporting was thrilled to receive a ‘GOOD’ rating by Care Quality Commission (CQC). CQC acknowledged DMC’s strengths in implementing best practice and relevant guidelines, along with their respectful and supportive leadership in the service.

Link to the Telegraph article

Our CQC inspection can be found here.

If you are looking for a career with DMC Healthcare, we offer a supportive and innovative environment. Our team members are here because they truly strive to be the best they can be.

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