Blog | RCR Thoracic Image Masterclass | DMC Radiology Reporting co-directors, Professor Sujal Desai and Professor Simon Padley, describe the upcoming 2nd Masterclass in Thoracic Imaging

Co-directors of DMC Radiology Reporting talk about the challenges in thoracic imaging and why you should attend the next Thoracic Imaging Masterclass.

Working in partnership with NHS Trusts, DMC Radiology Reporting delivers fast, accurate radiology reporting with innovation and efficiency, providing reassurance to the health Trusts with a rigorous commitment to clinical governance which sets the company apart.The clinical directors of DMC Radiology Reporting are career-long cardiac and thoracic radiologists with a long history of service delivery, education and training, mainly based at the Royal Brompton Hospital. In addition to organising courses, Professors Desai and Padley have a national and international reputation having been invited speakers and faculty members at numerous radiological and non-radiological meetings, with consistently high feedback.

Professor Simon Padley explains: “We have been involved in education for over 3 decades. There are lots of courses out there. Some are good, some are really good. In this day and age, the organisers know only too well that it is very easy to sit in the audience and deal with your emails rather than follow the lecturer on the podium.

So this course is designed to hold the attention of the delegate, with short relevant presentations concentrating on the elements that are really important, with content informed by feedback from multiple previous events.

Face-to-face courses have key benefits, as well as short comings. We think most of us have missed social networking and the cross pollination that occurs face-to-face. We are certainly looking forward to returning to this tried and tested successful format!”

Professor Sujal Desai continues: “Most of us who undertake general radiology spend a fair amount of time interpreting chest x-rays and chest CT studies, either in isolation or part as of multidisciplinary

 working. We will need to understand the current issues in chest imaging, be it lung cancer, nodules, thromboembolic disease or interstitial lung disease. This course is designed to cover all of the hot topics and bring delegates right up-to-date. We feel this course has something for everyone be it consultants who need a ‘refresher’ and junior radiologists at an earlier stage in their careers’

This is the second in the Royal College of Radiologists-Royal Brompton Hospital Masterclass Series in Thoracic Imaging with an exceptional faculty covering important and state-of-the art topics in thoracic imaging.

Feedback from the last Thoracic Imaging masterclass

  • 86% of delegates felt they achieved their learning objectives for this event
  • 94% of respondents participated in interactive voting and found that it enhanced their learning experience.
  • A number of respondents said that after attending this event their confidence in reporting will have improved.

Delegate quotes

  • I have significantly increased my knowledge and confidence when reporting HRCT
  • I got a good grounding in the concepts involved in chest CT
  • I had a thorough review of interstitial lung diseases which was my main objective. In addition to this all other topics were covered in a great detail.
  • I was able to understand the latest concepts about chest radiology
  • It was fantastic! Friendly and knowledgeable speakers
  • This course is excellent and has helped me understand the pathology of chest disease and how it is translated into imaging, how to determine the different patterns of disease and I learnt of new pathologies we do not encounter in DGH setting.

The delegates that attend this course should, at the end, feel fully up-to-date with the current issues and have also consolidated their knowledge in a range of important areas for chest imaging.


  • Thoracic Imaging Masterclass: Thursday 23 and Friday 24 February 2023

    Course Organisers Professor Sujal R Desai & Professor Simon Padley

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    This two-day course is the 2nd in the Royal College of Radiologists-Royal Brompton Hospital Masterclass Series in Thoracic Imaging. The course is intended for radiologists at all levels of seniority and the topics covered is designed to be of value not only to junior radiologists (preparing for the FRCR Part II examination) but also to more senior radiologists wishing to refresh knowledge of aspects of thoracic imaging.

    The sessions will cover the fundamentals of thoracic anatomy, imaging techniques and the key radiological signs. There will be a systematic review of all major disease categories including lung cancer, interstitial lung diseases, pleural disorders, vascular disease and thoracic intervention. As in the first Masterclass, didactic lectures will be interspersed with interactive case-based teaching by experts in the field.

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