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DMC Healthcare, a leading independent provider of dermatology, radiology reporting, endoscopy and community services, has successfully been appointed to the Increasing Capacity Framework (ICF) commencing 1st August 2022.

The ICF has been established by NHS England, to support commissioners and Trusts with a quick and easy route to contract with the independent sector for elective care services on a set of standard terms and conditions.

“With waiting list pressures, workforce shortages and unprecedented demand, DMC Healthcare is excited to be part of the framework, which ensures that the buying process is fully compliant with procurement legislation. It also demonstrates that we have been successfully assessed for our financial stability, track record, governance, experience and professional ability.”

Dr Ravi Gupta, Group Medical Director, DMC Healthcare

DMC Healthcare will provide several services through the framework including consultant-led dermatology and radiology reporting.

Firmly rooted in the NHS and dedicated to excellent patient care for nearly 55 years, DMC Healthcare works with 30+ NHS organisations and other partners, treating up to 100,000 patients each year. DMC provides a managed service for Trusts which means that our clinicians work with us regularly and know the standards that we work to.

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About DMC Healthcare

DMC Healthcare is a leading independent provider of primary care, consultant-led dermatology, a leading partner for radiology reporting, in-sourced routine endoscopy services and MSK community services.

With a deep heritage in the NHS since 1967, DMC Healthcare brings innovation, efficiency and great patient outcomes to the local health system. Its commitment to vigorous clinical governance and safety sets it apart, making it a trusted and experienced partner.

A strong provider in the NHS ecosystem, DMC delivers healthier outcomes by always putting the patient first. Our experienced clinical and operational teams are available to add capacity and help tackle waiting lists.



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