News | DMC Healthcare work with Insource Data to enhance Governance and Patient Data

Data governance and accuracy of healthcare reporting bolstered as DMC Healthcare collaborate with Insource to commission Reporting-as-as-Service (RaaS).

Insource Ltd, the leading elective care solutions and data management provider to the NHS, is delighted to welcome DMC Healthcare, a leading independent provider of primary care, dermatology, endoscopy and radiology reporting, as its most recent managed services customer.  Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) allows patient-level activity data to be gathered from the multiple source systems across DMC Healthcare locations and provide fully validated, automated KPI activity reports.  This data allows DMC Healthcare to accurately report their performance against contract directly to their NHS commissioners .

Starting with the dermatology data, Insource will provide monthly activity reports against contract Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each of their NHS Commisioners, as well as national Referral-to-Treatment (RTT) waiting list dataset reporting, all to the required operational and national data quality standards.  Insource will also provide community services invoicing data, by clinic and consultant, and weekly PTLs (Patient Tracking Lists) for care management.

A strong provider in the NHS ecosystem, DMC Healthcare has played a significant role in service delivery since 1967, helping to reduce health inequalities. From being at the sharp end of the patient journey by delivering fast, accurate radiology reporting, consultant-led dermatology and in-sourced endoscopy services, DMC Healthcare remains committed to supporting the NHS by adding capacity and helping reduce waiting lists. DMC Healthcare fully believe that service management should be digitised where possible to provide more holistic care and is intent on maintaining clear lines of communication with all its commissioners.

As Pritika Gupta, Corporate Strategy Director at DMC, stated, “Our primary aim is to ensure complete openness and transparency with our NHS commissioners.  We needed a detailed understanding of our activity levels to ensure care is being effectively delivered across all our services.  We wanted to ensure we were meeting our targeted new referrals, minor ops, follow ups and triage rates. With Insource we now have accurate, validated submissions that pinpoint exactly what care we’re delivering, where and when.  We will now be able to use this consolidated, uniform picture for effective capacity planning and business management.

DMC Healthcare has always sought to be at the forefront of data and innovation and has strived to find a new solution provider for their data management and reporting processes.

Pritika Gupta continues, “We were delighted to find Insource.  Their proven data platform is in use throughout the NHS and it can be deployed in bite-sized modules and easily configured to our specialty community needs. Leaving the data management to the experts has paid off for us as we are able to uncover unforeseen issues, that are now being corrected almost in real time. Insource is giving us more confidence in our data and we look forward to a long and collaborative association.

The initial plan is to roll out across dermatology first, then endoscopy, radiology reporting and other community services. Already DMC Healthcare is looking to the next phase where they can create a single unified version of the truth from all their data for detailed operational management. DMC Healthcare is a strong believer in clinical and information governance and are wanting to link into their existing Datix patient safety/incident solution and with Insource’ powerful data governance capabilities, to begin the journey to becoming a truly data-driven organisation.

DMC Healthcare like other specialist providers, have many of the statutory and mandatory reporting requirements commensurate with larger NHS hospitals.  At Insource, our solutions are powered by a configurable data automation platform, so they can be provided as a managed service honed against the specific needs of individual hospitals, specialty trusts or independent providers. Our most popular services Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) provide all the operational data management and reporting expertise of larger organisations as a packaged automated service, so smaller healthcare providers can have the same level of proficiency without the technology investment outlay.

Jackie Sawyer, Insource Independent Sector Director, stated: “The team at DMC Healthcare is a pleasure to work with as they completely get the importance of what can be achieved with accurate, on-demand data and appreciate how data automation makes this possible and affordable. They needed data confidence and we’ve already been able to give them that.  Our data platform automates complex data acquisition, consolidation and validation processes from their disparate source systems – including EMIS and SystmOne – and produces the accurate reporting outputs tailored to their needs. And whilst their primary driver was to improve the accuracy and timeliness of their reporting, they also see a broader vision of what’s possible.  With unified data DMC can not only see activity against contracts but will also be able use this data for their own insight and view activity to steer the growth of the company.”

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