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Meeting turnaround times safely and efficiently is a key priority for our clients as they strive to reduce reporting backlogs. This blog explores how DMC Radiology Reporting are meeting these challenges.

Tanya Singh, Head of Radiology Operations and Business Development at DMC Radiology Reporting, is passionate about ensuring the highest quality of reporting. She explains

Our customers in the NHS and independent diagnostic centres have very specific needs. We work hard to ensure that our reports are in line with agreed standard templates and that the clinical question, stated in the referral information, is answered first time. This maximises efficiency for both us and our customers, but it can only be done by having the right radiologist reporting the right study at the right time” 

Tanya Singh – Head of Radiology Operations and Business Development

In 2013, Professor Simon Padley, Professor Sujal Desai, Dr Ravi Gupta and Anil Gupta co-founded DMC Radiology Reporting. The company has been growing ever since, focussing on a sub-speciality, high-quality outsourced reporting model.

It is a fact that radiology departments across the NHS are at breaking point. According to the Royal College of Radiologists Census, the consultant radiologist workforce is short-staffed by ~30% of the required number of posts. More worrying is the 39% workforce shortfall forecast by 2026, equating to 3166 full time radiologists. Delays in the reporting of radiology examinations results in long waits for patients, not to mention the risks of delayed diagnosis. Not surprisingly there are knock-on effects on radiologists across the board: indeed, the data suggest that 1 in 3 consultant radiologists experienced work-related stress.

Tanya continues

DMC Healthcare has recently recruited 15 radiologists. We are continuing to recruit more radiology team members, to increase capacity and meet the requirements of our clients. We have also grown our administration team to bolster our internal resources to better deliver our services. 

Our teams work closely and benefit from a family-oriented ethos which encourages openness, better working relationships and a supportive environment.

We are heavily investing in the right technologies, keeping a close watch on emerging AI tools, and constantly seeking the right partners and the resources to take DMC Radiology Reporting to its next level of development.”

Find out more about working with DMC Radiology Reporting by contacting Tanya Singh, Head of Radiology Business and Operations, tanya.singh@dmc.local

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