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“Medicine and human science are my passions”

I was born in Italy and have over 20 years’ experience in the field of dermatology. As the first person in a very large Italian family to go into medicine, I’ve always been interested in science and I took this direction as I like the scientific method and the rational view of the world.

I went to the university in Rome. The first 3 years cover general medicine and in the last three years I began to specialise, with a growing passion for applied science in
the management of the human body and skin diseases. The career path is very long and I saw that dermatology takes into account clinical and surgical but also research. I learnt that dermatology requires quite versatile skills, is very eclectic and the clinical eye is very important.

Another important part is there is a lot of connection with other medical conditions and you are able to prevent as well as cure systemic diseases. I was very happy to be pursuing this career path and began work in Italy in a hospital in Rome and eventually became more independent and worked in the community.

“I was purely dermatology focused on skin disease”

For 4 yrs during my specialist training I split my time between Austria at Graz hospital and Italy. Graz University Hospital is a very important research centre in histology of the skin. This gave me the laboratory expertise I needed to my clinical pathological correlation. We organised complex clinics at which we always discussed with the pathologist the histology result.

“In 2014 I moved to the UK”

In the UK, for 2 years I worked with an excellent professor who specialised in histology of the skin – Prof Rino Cerio, Consultant in Dermatology e Prof. in Dermatopathology, Royal London Hospital (Barts Health NHS Trust). The main reason was I wanted to boost my career in terms of research. When we work too long in the hospital we forget the investigative aspects. I was keen on extending my research and investigation into skin cancer. My career as a Dermatologist Consultant has spanned Lewisham Greenwich NHS Trust, University Hospital Lewisham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London and Monklands University Hospital in Glasgow (NHS Scotland).

“I joined DMC in Summer 2021”

I wasn’t planning to stay in the UK very long, but I met the love of my life. I also love London. In some ways London and Rome are so very well connected and they complete each other – combining the humanistic culture of Rome and the scientific culture of London.

“I work with DMC 2 days a week at the moment”

l really like the mission and vision of DMC. When I met the Team, management and wider colleagues it was a confirmation that they are a brilliant Team.

“I like they are really focused on IT and efficient systems”

I like that everything is digitalised and they are at the cutting edge in the way they manage the IT with digital notes and it is completely paperless. DMC understood how to reduce paper and be more dynamic and direct in terms of GP and result letters. At DMC we can give confirmation back to the patient within 2-3 working days. DMC uses both EMIS and SystmOne as Patient Record systems.

“I like their very organised approach in terms of care and management of patients”

Having the support of the dedicated DMC healthcare assistants (HCA) is brilliant. They offer competent help around me which allows me to do extra treatment. You don’t have a dedicated HCA in the hospital environment, where usually one HCA covers 3-4 consultants.

“The support is brilliant”

They provide all the instruments, computer, printer and the room is very organised. The HCA’s also have a home computer so we can communicate online and they are able to send letters, reminders, links to the patient information etc in a few minutes. This is definitely not available everywhere, where letters are sent in the post after being typed up via a dictaphone leading to delays.

“The dedicated HCA offers 360 degree assistance”

You have someone with you to chaperone and assist in the care of the patient. They prepare the bed and accommodate the patient at all times, reassuring those who may be anxious. I have to prepare and read the paperwork and it’s great teamwork, meaning there is no time where the patients feel neglected.

“This is why I want to be here - it’s brilliant”

We support everyone with a holistic approach and we can get immediate support from colleagues. I’m so happy here as DMC gives extra value, to have everything more organised, reduces any complaints with great planning. It’s a welcoming place with a lot of brilliant care.

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