People Story | Ed Obra | Endoscopy Lead Nurse/Service Manager

“DMC leadership team have their heart in it and they really care”

“I chose a nursing career due to the huge demand”

When I was finishing school, I thought I could be a lawyer, teacher or accountant so applied for lots of universities and was accepted. I then realised there was such a big demand for nursing in the Philippines, so I carried out my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from 2002-2006.

“Nursing has opened up a lot of opportunities”

Not only has it enabled me financially to buy property but it has given me a passport to travel. Nursing is a transferrable skill. Wherever you
go there will always be a need for nurses. It is physically demanding and mentally straining but I love the camaraderie and the impact we can make on patient’s lives.

I was working in a hospital in the Philippines in a medical training ward for two years and a friend of mine suggested I apply to work in the UK as my sister was already working in the UK as a nurse

“I’ve always wanted to travel”

My route to the UK was pretty straight forward. I did my English test and applied through the NMC (Nursing Medical Council) and a North West London Trust actually conducted interviews in the Philippines. I arrived in the UK in September 2010.

“I started work at St Marks endoscopy unit”

I worked as a ward nurse and later a senior charge nurse for six years at St Marks Hospital, part of North West London Hospital Trust, the leading national and international referral centre for intestinal and colorectal disorders. The hospital is one of only 14 worldwide to be recognised as a centre of excellence by the World Organisation of Digestive Endoscopy. I was very proud to be nominated for an “excellent nurse” award and to be a manager at the age of 29.

“It was very different culturally”

It was pretty challenging at first, working with a mix of different nationalities and endoscopy is difficult to learn, particularly as you are working for world renowned doctors who have very high expectations. This means you need to be world class as well. I managed a team of nurses and doctors in providing endoscopy services to NHS hospitals across the UK to help achieve waiting time targets.

“We then planned a move to Australia”

In September 2019 myself and my partner moved to Australia but it didn’t work out well for various reasons including a serious bush fire and of course Covid. So we decided to return to the UK in October 2021. I was working as an endoscopy nurse in Australia where the dynamics are different, most of the work being embedded within the theatre.

“I’m pretty popular within the insourcing world”

On return to the UK, I ran a team in Sheffield Teaching Hospital for 6 months and then we decided to move back to London. I contacted the manager at Whipps Cross University Hospital and she offered me the post.

“I joined DMC Healthcare in June 2022”

The working environment at Whipps Cross is very different. It’s not an endoscopy factory. There is harmony and it feels like you are working with family members in the department. My role entails running the department and ensuring it is clinically safe, following the protocols set out by JAG and BSG, in coordination with the local Trust. I’m also involved in recruitment, auditing and policies.

“The leadership team listen to my advice and take it on board”

They are hands on and it feels like a family approach, really looking after the welfare of everyone involved, from the patients to the staff. They have their heart in it and they really care. They are very keen on holding events to meet the nurses and doctors – not all Directors would do that.

“DMC looks after their staff very well”

It’s a nice working environment and they have given me the freedom to grow in my role as a service manager. My most recent achievement is making sure the nurses are 100% compliant with their training.

“Perfect work-life balance”

I’m pro quality and am excited to be able to excel at providing a safe, high quality service. I am enjoying my job and have found the perfect work-life balance with one day in the office, two days clinical, and one day working from home.

“My advice is to take every opportunity”

It takes time and whatever training you receive, make sure you take it seriously as it helps you to become a better person both personally and professionally. It opens up a lot of opportunities.

In my spare time I like walking my two French Bulldogs, watching Netflix and am looking forward to visiting my family in the Philippines in the new year.

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