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 Happy Retirement to Helen Greengrass who has served 18 years with DMC Healthcare!

What is the highlight of your time at DMC?
I have done so many different roles at DMC and I enjoyed them all. I joined DMC as Projects and data. Sarah Parsons introduced me to you [Anil], I had an interview with you Anil and Charlotte, the then Practice Manager, when Pritika was very young. I took on the Assistant Practice Manager role working with Raj, dealing with patients and complaints. Then went to Business Development (BD) Team in the portacabin, was part of the MOMS, founder member with Raj, Charlotte, Naresh, Ravi and Anil. Then went to Ops with Deborah and Sabina, onto inform and evolution then mobilisation. Back to the BD Team and here ever since. We’ve had some big wins in the Business Development Team. I was also involved in Vita Sana for a bit too.
I wasn’t a big fan of change before I came to DMC, but I have certainly learnt to adapt to change which has been really good for me.
Going to India was a great highlight. Loved the experience and the amazing trip. Saw so much, met so many lovely people and did many lovely things. Loved the whole trip to India and I am very grateful.
I also set up yoga classes at DMC Crystal Palace Road and then DMC Chadwick Road.

What would you say is DMC?
A round overview of DMC from your perspective.
Innovative, fast moving, always challenging, always interesting, always changing, fast growing.
It was just one surgery to start with, in the space of 18 years look at everything that has happened now. Fast growing indeed.
Family values which are important to me, I enjoyed
that coming from a corporate background. Different and challenging to begin with but I have really enjoyed being part of the family, the DMC family.

What message would you like to leave your colleagues?
Helen: I have met so many lovely people since working with DMC. I would like to say that they all contribute to the success we’ve had over the years and that I will miss them all. Every single person brings their own contribution to the company.
Anil: DMC has been maturing as an organisation. We are more mature today than we were 18 years ago. My message would be, keep on maturing, do not give up. Take it to where it should be. It should be a fantastic organic family rather than just a corporate carbuncle.
Helen: So, mine would be to carry on contributing. Making your individual contribution. The sum of the parts is greater than the individual and it works that way. The more people proactively contribute the more people get out of their work and career.

What advice would you give to people just starting their careers?
You get back what you give. If you give of yourself to a job, then you will get that back in terms of reward, job satisfaction, respect and reward from your colleagues. And learn as much as you can. If you are asked to do different things just do them as that is how you will learn and grow and develop.

What will you miss the most?
Working with people. My colleagues and my work. If I
wasn’t at home, I would really miss the head office, the vibe and environment. The validation of working with
other people, camaraderie.

What are you looking forward to when you retire?
Helen: I keep saying to people who ask me, I am looking forward to not having any plans. For years I have had the routine of going to work. For someone who likes routine it will be good for me not to have that for a while. See where life takes me, hoping to travel who knows when that will happen. Spend more quality time with friends and family. I would like to do some coding for DMC. Volunteering in the food banks.
Helen: Because I am very sedentary, I am looking forward to being more active. Walking, swimming, being out. So, I am not sitting all the time. Who knows if I will do any or all of these things!
Anil: I would not mind having you as a non-exec director. You are the person I come back to for advice.

Will you be throwing a retirement party?
Helen: No, you will. *laughs*
Anil: When my dad retired, he said ‘tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll attend’.
Helen: Right, I’ll butt out now, put my marker down.
Anil: What I miss being at CPR is going down to the pub and organising some drinks and crisps. You have your own list of attendees apparently. *laughs*
Helen: That was called the Upland Tavern then. I would love for your dad, Dr Senior Gupta, to be there. I’m inviting myself to my own party!
Anil: It’s about having people there that mean something to you. It will be lovely.

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