People Story | Alex McLuckie | Head of Operations, DMC Radiology Reporting

Alex McLuckie, Head of Operations at DMC Radiology Reporting, tells us about his career to date and why he is passionate about Nuclear Medicine. He shares his early thoughts on working at DMC.

"My professional ethos focuses on enhancing healthcare services on a large scale"

I have a love of science which led me to study Nuclear Medicine at Newcastle University, Australia. After moving to the UK and starting my career, I completed a Masters in Leadership and Management from Kingston University school of Business and Law.

"I've worked clinically and in service management roles in both the NHS and private sectors across the UK."

When I first arrived in London in 2012, I began my career at Guys and St Thomas’ as a Nuclear Medicine practitioner, a role that lasted 2.5 years.

I eventually moved to the leading independent imaging services provider where I remained for 5.5 years, carrying out a range of roles including registered manager, and clinical lead for PET/CT. I only left to become the head of medical imaging for a private hospital.

One of my proudest achievements is absorbing diagnostic CT service and a PET/CT department, improving efficiency and increasing throughput and diversifying both service KPIs. I was also the research lead for London, overseeing the majority of research scanning including bringing a new radioactive tracer to market.

"I have a passion for service improvement"

I believe this desire is rooted in my aspiration to make a positive impact on the world and my deep passion for science. Consequently, I chose to study Nuclear Medicine as a means to ensure that I can contribute meaningfully. Nuclear Medicine plays a significant role in healthcare by imaging molecular processes rather than just anatomical structures. Its profound impact on cancer is evident, as it aids in comprehending tumour metabolism and effectively tracking the effects of therapy.

"My professional philosophy is to improve healthcare services as a collective"

When working clinically you only see one person at a time. This frustrated me as it limits how service improvements can be scaled. My study and experience in leadership and management has helped refine my approach and understanding when enhancing the processes and overall functioning of an entire system, ensuring improved outcomes for every individual in larger patient populations.

"I joined DMC Healthcare in May 2023"

With a vision to grow the organisation and build on its success, my primary responsibility is to oversee regulatory reporting operations to expand client capacity by ensuring rapid turnaround, maintaining clinical excellence, and upholding the highest governance standards.

"What attracts me to teleradiology is that it undeniably represents the future"

The industry is so fast moving and there is always going to be a skills shortage. Teleradiology helps bridge that gap making it an international service. There is a strong link between teleradiology and AI which will continue to have a big impact in the future. Ultimately, AI has the capacity to aid in reporting, significantly impacting research, particularly in fields like dementia through brain imaging, where our understanding is currently limited.

"I really like the people I work with"

I like the office/clinical environment (based in a GP surgery), the location, the leadership, and the growing team. Senior leadership is highly committed to enhancing clinical outcomes and is making significant strides in investing in the industry and enhancing the service, which deeply resonates with me.

"DMC is a progressive and rapidly growing environment that still has an intimate feel"

The advice I would offer to others is to consider joining DMC, as the company is big enough to hold financial stability but also manages to maintain an intimate vibe. Your input is valued, and you are more than just a statistic. Access to senior management is immediate and readily available every day.

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