People Story | Greta Adique | Sister and Endoscopy Nurse

Greta Adique, Sister and Endoscopy nurse at DMC Healthcare, tells us more about her work and explains the excellent teamwork and reporting systems.

“Its like a family at DMC”

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse”

At a young age I was attracted to the white uniform and cap. I studied nursing in the Philippines and went on to work for 6 years in the general hospital, before I went to Dubai and worked as a nurse for 13 years.

I have a wide range of experience from A&E, caring for the elderly, in respiratory and I decided to move to the UK, where my first assignment was working on a stroke ward for 5 years. I also worked in the community.

“I joined Whipps Cross Hospital in 2005”

It was there where I met my husband, who was a nurse on the same ward. It was suggested that I move over to either theatre or endoscopy, and I chose endoscopy as it was more convenient to have the day shifts (particularly as we had a small child at the time!), so I joined the endoscopy department there in 2010.

“I found I really like endoscopy”

Through the work in Whipps Cross Hospital’s endoscopy department, I began to like being in endoscopy and colonoscopy, and I find the investigations and diagnoses of those in the early stages of cancer particularly interesting. I also enjoy the challenges of working in a procedure room.

"I love to reassure patients"

As I’ve been doing it for so many years, I know what is going on in the room. So many people are scared about the scope and the investigation itself, and naturally are worried about what the result of the investigation will be, so I like to reassure them that we are there to comfort them throughout the procedure. I perform the pre-assessment, tell them about the sedation and how long everything takes.

I am then able to inform them if there is a cancer present, and can describe what will happen and the next steps, whilst also being able to say if the cancer has been caught at an early stage. I’ve known many patients in this unit who were perhaps diagnosed in their 50s, yet are still doing well now in their 80s!

"DMC is a blessing to me"

DMC came in as an insourcing arrangement in May 2017 to support the hospital. I was able to learn some excellent practices from them, and we continuously learn from each other.

"I really enjoy the teamwork"

It really is like a family. We look after each other and the doctors and nurses are open to suggestions which are in turn listened to. I work 4 days a week in my unit, and 2 days at the weekend with DMC.

"There are many benefits to working with DMC"

First of all, it’s good pay. Secondly, the teamwork really means that even when we are busy, we don’t feel it as strongly because everyone works really well together. Thirdly, we have a good system in terms of reporting, and you feel safe that you did the right things during the procedure. Finally, the lead endoscopy nurse is excellent, so we feel confident and secure that we are supported.

“The escalation procedure is very thorough”

If you’re dealing with a cancer patient, we have an excellent escalation procedure to direct said patient to other clinicians: it is very quick, and we know exactly what to do with nothing being missed. I call the colorectal nurses the next day to check  that they have received the report, for example in the case of cancer in the bowel, and then the specialist nurses will call the patients, monitor the histology and request a CT scan or whatever the patient needs.

"As a sister, I have additional responsibilities."

I keep the equipment and computers safe and collect all the documents that we need. I make sure all the equipment, such as biopsy equipment, is available in the unit, and I also check that the place is safe, that we have enough scopes, and the computer system is working, among other things. I make sure the environment and the temperature in which the staff are working is not too hot or cold: my priority is to make sure everyone is comfortable. 


"I'm very happy in my role and with DMC"

DMC is extremely supportive and they look after us. At Christmas, the leadership team will attend the party…I really enjoy working with DMC!


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