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Ian Paulo Detran at work

Ian Paulo Detran, Endoscopy Nurse at DMC Healthcare, tells us about his work in insourcing and how he has really developed in the role.

"I get to learn new things at DMC and use it within my day job."

When I left school, I applied for an engineering degree as well as nursing, but opted for a nursing degree as it was very popular in the Philippines. After graduation I worked in a private hospital as a dialysis nurse and general ward nurse for 3 years.

“After about 2 months I was able to be independent as an endoscopy nurse”

I moved to the UK in 2015 and my first role was as a respiratory nurse in a respiratory ward at St Peters in Surrey for one year. Then my friend introduced me to the endoscopy department where I worked for 2 years. It was very different. I didn’t have a background in theatre but my colleagues were very supportive and I was able to get into the role quite easily.

"I feel comfortable with emergency cases"

The fact that you and the doctor are working closely together and that you are being relied upon makes you feel you are needed on the job.

"I moved to Whipps Cross Hospital"

The move came about because my wife, also a nurse, secured a role in London and I joined DMC in August 2021. I work for Whipps Cross from Monday to Friday and at the weekends I work for DMC, with a day off on Wednesday.

"I have learnt a lot with DMC"

I’m an expert in basic endoscopy and bleeding cases. I’m very familiar with how everybody works and the strengths and weaknesses of each team member including the doctors.

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"Everyone is really pleasant"

I particularly want to commend our lead nurse, Ed. He’s brought a different form of leadership which is very fair and reasonable. It makes you feel secure with what you’re doing. You feel safe because you know he’s got your back.

"I'm happy if the patient is happy with the service"

If the patient is content and feels safe, I feel I’ve done an efficient job. I’m always happy to hear when patients say that they didn’t expect the procedure would be that good or efficient, perhaps expecting to be there for half a day. For most people, the average stay of a patient would be a maximum of 90 minutes and on a good day the best would be 45 minutes within our department at DMC.

"Everyone knows what they are doing and is competent"

I’ve picked up a lot of good practices with how DMC is being managed. On one occasion, the lead nurse implemented a protocol for specimen checking, which I have brought into my permanent job and it is making our service much better.

"My advice to others"

It will be hard for the first 2 months of doing an insourcing job but once you’ve started you get used to the routine, the new practices and the people and it comes easier. Just keep pushing through. You learn the rights and wrongs and you learn to work independently and build your confidence. I’ve really noticed how I’ve developed in the role.


"DMC is really flexible"

If you are not comfortable in doing something, you can just discuss it with the lead nurse and he will make all reasonable adjustments.


"I feel honoured because I work with very good endoscopy nurses"

Most of the team are all senior nurses so I feel very honoured to be working with them. In addition, I feel DMC has some excellent endoscopists and I’m still amazed at how well they do their jobs. Working at DMC is very enjoyable and I’d recommend anyone to work with DMC.


"Outside work, my wife and I enjoy hiking, having just tackled Helvellyn in the Lake District!"

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