People Story | Mohsan Javed | Radiology Operations Manager

Mohsan Javed, Operations Manager, Radiology Reporting division tells us about why he loves his job at DMC and how he is learning new things every day.

“I always strive to provide clear direction and support to my team and make sure I listen to their feedback”

After completing my education, I focused to secure a job quite quickly and I wanted to use my skills to branch into the world whilst also learning new skills.

One of my first jobs was in retail, which enabled me to understand the customer service environment. I was soon promoted to a supervisory role where not only did I feel grateful for the opportunity, but I also felt a great deal of responsibility to support and train my team to ensure our site was a success. I then moved to work within telecommunications and worked my way up to a managerial role. I really enjoyed the sales aspect and that feeling of accomplishment when I was able to fulfil a customer’s expectations.

“I wanted to make sure I did everything I could for patients”

After around 4 years of working in retail, I was ready for my next challenge. I always had a passion for helping people and I first entered the healthcare sector as an admin lead. I felt my previous roles had generated a great set of transferrable skills which could be put to good use in a role supporting patients. My day-to-day role consisted of overseeing the bookings team and managing referrals. I account managed our clinicians and oversaw patient appointments.

“I gained a lot of relevant experience for my current radiology role”

In order to further my career, I decided to move onto a new challenge within the area specific to radiology. I worked at a private diagnostics centre in North London. It was a really interesting experience as I supported the development of the organisation as they transitioned through a period of brand change.

I worked as part of a specialist department who provided MRI scans for claustrophobic patients. I was given the opportunity to progress in my career and achieved a managerial post. Whilst moving to healthcare was a challenge initially, I began to understand a lot of the medical terminology and with time became more confident.

"I have a strong duty of care "

I was always keen to help people and wanted to make a positive change to patient pathways. I felt like I’d achieved a lot in my previous role but was ready for my next challenge and I joined DMC Healthcare in January 2021. I was attracted by DMC’s values, growth, and job opportunities.

"Being at the centre of patient care is great"

When I understood what the job entailed, I instantly got to grips with what was needed. Coming in as a senior operations lead with a background within radiology was a perfect next role for me.

'I’ve been here a year and a half and I’m really happy with the way it’s gone so far”

I like a challenge. I have frequent meetings with our clients to ensure we meet turnaround times against agreed SLAs for patient volumes to be reported. I’m driven to make sure everything gets completed promptly and correctly. The aim is to always ensure the needs of the client are met.

“We had a charity walk last year”

I really enjoyed taking part in the charity walk as I got to meet a lot of our staff members across the whole of the company. It was a fun day for an amazing cause!

“Working from home still allows me to do my job to the best of my ability”

I enjoy working from home and have the flexibility to attend head office for meetings. My role enables a great work-life balance and in turn I feel I am more productive. The radiology team is great, everyone really gets on. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

“I want to move up in the company”

I’d like to utilise what I’ve gained working in the department and past experiences and use it as a stepping stone to further my career.

“There are countless things you can get into at DMC”

If you work for DMC or are someone who’s looking for a new career, I’d really recommend DMC. Any department will make sure you are looked after.

“DMC is supporting my career, my learning and development”

It’s an interesting place to work and I’m still learning. I’m much more familiar with the medical terminologies now. It makes liaison with doctors so much easier when you are relaying information on, and you also learn. But at the end of the day, you are avoiding any delays to patient care.

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