TRUST Values : 2024 Update

As we usher in the New Year and look forward to everything that 2024 has in store for DMC Healthcare, we are also given an opportunity to reflect on 2023, and how we have promoted and re-inforced our vital TRUST values.

So what exactly are the TRUST values?

In short, TRUST defines not only the way we deliver our services, but also how we treat our patients and inspire our colleagues to make a real difference. Established formally in 2021, these values are the essence of DMC’s identity, proudly co-produced by colleagues, for colleagues, and are fundamental to our internal and external affairs.


 T – We strive to create a strong sense of teamwork among each of our service lines.
 RRespect for one another and importantly for the patient.
 U – Take the time to listen and understand the needs of our staff and patients.
 S – We are supportive and truly care about patients, customer and colleagues.
 T – Whatever we do, we do it together.


A trusted NHS partner since 1967

How have we looked to uphold the TRUST values, and where might we see these in action?

Our monthly People Stories articles shed light on the many individuals who ensure the performance of the wider company, and highlight those who are exceptional in their work and serve as a pillar for DMC Healthcare. From Sisters within our Endoscopy Service to the Heads of Operations in our Radiology Reporting and Healthcare units, we are lucky to have such a diverse and dedicated group of people who define DMC and our TRUST values. To read some of these, click here. We have also enjoyed reflecting our gratitude for our team members in several of our events in 2023. In particular, the Christmas Party – which was held local to our Chadwick Road and Crystal Palace Road surgeries – was an enjoyable evening where our whole team were able to reconnect in person and reminisce on a successful year over pizza, cocktails and dancing!


Looking forward

The goal now is to continue the good work from 2023 as we move forward to another exciting year ahead. We see the TRUST values as a core part of the DMC identity, and as such are committing to them as we continue our growth. Initially curated from within our workforce, we will seek regular feedback on how we are best able to implement this ethos and persist with making DMC Healthcare a great environment in which to work.

If you have any suggestions, please register your thoughts in the following Microsoft Form by clicking here.

In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone for being part of the DMC family…without you, we wouldn’t be the same!

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