Blog | DMC Endoscopy | DMC explains the importance of experienced nurses to provide high quality endoscopy care

In this blog, DMC Healthcare’s talented Lead Endoscopy Nurse Ed Obra, talks about the importance of investing in focused, dedicated, stable teams.

Endoscopy is a high priority core service, integral to the diagnosis and treatment of digestive cancers and other serious gut and nutritional disorders.

With significant waiting list pressures, endoscopy departments continue to have under capacity, coupled with endemic workforce gaps across clinical and admin/IT teams. DMC Healthcare has been providing NHS services since 1967 and our partners entrust us to deal with high risk patient groups.

I run the endoscopy department, ensuring the service is clinically safe, following the protocols set out by JAG[1] and BSG[2], in coordination with the local Trust. I’m also involved in recruitment, auditing and policy development.

Originally from the Philippines, I’ve made a name for myself in the insourcing world since moving to the UK in 2010. Joining DMC in June 2022, I soon recognised that DMC really looks after the welfare of everyone involved and the DMC leadership team have their heart in what we do – they really care.

Staffing remains a major concern for Trusts, whether that be insufficient numbers or the wrong skill mix of staff, which results in cancelled lists and increased patient anxiety.

My number one priority is to focus on providing a safe, high quality endoscopy service with people at the heart. I’ve been given the freedom to grow in my role as a service manager and I’m really pleased that all our nurses are now 100% compliant with their training.

This means we are helping the NHS do their procedures more rapidly after referral, cutting down patient anxiety and improving detections of cancer.

Nurses are so integral – an endoscopy service couldn’t run without the nurses – we are part of the team who looks after the patients and we have to be technically proficient to assist in endoscopy cases.

We’re proud to be supported by our clinical lead Dr John Devlin, Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist at Kings College Hospital, who is dedicated to quality, governance, education and continual improvement.

We deliver on average 12-14 points per list with enhanced clinical outcomes. Our end-to-end admin and clinical solution increases productivity through process refinement, enhanced bowel prep, reduced DNA rates and increased patient satisfaction.

To learn more about how DMC can support the NHS tackle growing demand and significant waiting list pressures with our highly responsive, consultant-led, insourced endoscopy services,  contact:

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[1] JAG (Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy) accreditation means that patients can have increased confidence in their endoscopy service and be assured of the same quality of care no matter where their endoscopy takes place, provided it is JAG accredited.

[2] BSG – The British Society of Gastroenterology

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