News | DMC Healthcare launches its new internal values – TRUST

At DMC Healthcare (DMC) we have taken active steps in the last year to enhance the current governance arrangements and formalise a robust reporting process. This has progressed well, with many of our colleagues inputting into the process, and as part of this review it was agreed to revisit the Vision and Values held by the organisation.

Coproduced by colleagues, our TRUST values reinforce that what we do is built on strong teamwork, respect for one another and importantly respect for the patient, we take time to listen and understand everyone’s needs, we’re supportive and truly care and whatever we do, we do it together.

The group also collaborated to design a logo that will help remind our staff of what our 5 values are.

Our TRUST values underpin the way we deliver our services, treat our patients and inspire our colleagues to make a difference. They are the essence of the company’s identity and set DMC apart from others.

Our Group Managing Director, Anil Gupta created a video that was sent to all colleagues across DMC as to what the values mean to him.
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