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DMC Healthcare, a leading independent provider of radiology reporting, primary care, dermatology and endoscopy services, has been supporting North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust to tackle backlogs in radiology reporting services. The reporting backlog of CT/MRI cases grew to a peak of 2800 but is now down to 600.

North Cumbria Integrated Care (NCIC) NHS Foundation Trust provides health services to a population of half a million people with a shared vision to provide safe, high, quality care for our patients every time. The Trust awarded the Radiology Reporting contract to DMC Healthcare in 2022, due to their previous work in the area and their high level of quality. Work includes reporting 350 routine examinations per week and a greater number of exams that reside in a backlog for reporting. In addition, DMC carry out independent audits of radiologists to provide reassurance of the level of reporting throughout the Trust.

Gemma Richardson, Lead Radiographer, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust added “Like many other Trusts we experienced a backlog in reporting due to increasing demands and DMC Radiology Reporting has supported the Trust in reducing the backlog and getting it back down to manageable levels. They have been helpful and understanding and met the CT and MRI needs of the department and we are continuing to work with them.”

DMC Radiology Reporting was founded by leading practitioners who sought to bring to market the service they themselves would commission. Subspecialist, clinically-led, UK-registered radiologists using the best reporting technology available are supported by a responsive operations team.

Professor Sujal Desal, Consultant Radiologist at DMC Healthcare added “Having previously worked in the region, we are thrilled to have been asked to come back and support the Trust tackle their waiting lists and provide a quality service. We are looking forward to bringing efficiency, great patient outcomes and high quality care to the North Cumbria health system, and are fully focused on our commitment to vigorous clinical governance.”

DMC’s “get it right first time” approach, saves time and money and they have enviably low discrepancy rates (below 1%), as verified by independent auditors. Their consistent and recognisable reporting house style and team of active consultant radiologists working in the NHS, enables seamless patient care.

In addition, DMC is uniquely placed to support NHS targeted lung health checks, with a national subject matter lead and bespoke technology, meeting the demand for high quality, accurate reporting services across the UK.

Learn more about DMC Healthcare’s Radiology Reporting services here

About DMC Healthcare

Firmly rooted in the NHS and dedicated to excellent patient care for nearly 55 years, DMC Healthcare works with 30+ NHS organisations and other partners, treating up to 100,000 patients each year. DMC Healthcare is a leading independent provider of primary care, consultant-led dermatology, a leading partner for radiology reporting, insourced routine endoscopy services and MSK community services. With waiting list pressures, workforce shortages and unprecedented demand, DMC Healthcare is focused on solving capacity deficits with a firm eye on quality and robust clinical governance.


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